Philippine Fashion Week-Friday October 28, 2011 ; and yet she still continue to be late

I attended the Cybershot luxewear event at SMX. The event showcased various talented Filipino designers. My friend and I were late! Also, I'm not in the mood to take pictures so I didn't. Only took a few and it was the end of the show. And I'm so sorry for that.

The show was awesome. Inspires me a lot. I'm like daydreaming that someday my designs were also gonna be worn by the professional models and ramp it at the runway. That's gonna happen real soon, I swear. #That's the spirit girl! 
 Though it was kinda "bitin" / "me wants more" because.. As usual, I was late again. I wasn't able to watch the full show. I was supposed to attend the show again last Sunday. But ugh. I was late again and again and decided not to go. BOOOO can't I be a little more punctual?!  

Anywhooooo, here's what I wore:

DAS17 Red Heel Less Shoes from DAS | Shawl Collar Chained Blazer: Juicy Couture. 
Sorry I forgot where I bought the other stuffs I wore. I just wear anything available in my closet. 

and my Chinese cutie friend, Nicky Ku. I'm sure you're familiar with her face if you've been reading my previous entry. Love her shoes! 

We had the hardest time camwhoring because DSLR's are quite heavy you know. But, I'll just take the  brighter side. It enhances my arm muscle bwahaha. Corny, I know :P 

Derp faces is derp.

And of course, my favorite part! My make up look:

I'm using the Dolly Wink Limited Edition Eyelash. 

And that's it! *bow


  1. Waa~ I love your outfit gorgeous <3 I know that your designs will be showcased at the Philippine Fashion Week someday. Wish you luck! :)

  2. aw thank you <3 hehee i'll work hard for that :)))

  3. i nominated you for an award!!! check this out!!!

  4. love your black and white ensemble!:)

  5. @jess
    waaaa thank you so muchhhh <3
    hehe thank youuuuu!

  6. lovely make up ,^^ your shoes are amazingly cool!!

    CMPang x

  7. hi~ u've got a cute dolly face! >U<
    omg those are really funky shoes! r they comfortable to walk in?

  8. HI! New follower here! I like your blog. :) BTW I love your killer shoes!

  9. @mai
    thank you dear :) hehe
    thank you <3 yes they aare unbelievably confortable :)
    aw thank you so muchhh =)

  10. you looks very cute .. nice dress


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