Just another summer \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/

Summer here in the Philippines is about to end. Rain starts pouring, weather is changing again, and typhoons will surely arrive in this country anytime soon. Keep safe everyone.

So what's with my summer? I expected it to be like the bomb/the greatest summer ever, because I planned so many outing trips with my friends and my boyfriend. Also thought about doing crafty stuff and be more productive since I've got lots of free time. But I ended up just bumming around the house playing League of Legends all day, eat, and sleep. Nothing goes according to the plan. I'm such a slacker hahaha. Like seriously! Didn't even got a chance to hit the beach. Well, it's not like I didn't get a chance. It's just I realized that I don't want to get tan -_-  I might end up looking like a ganguro loool. I'm also considering how much time and mooolah was spent for my skin shade now. Achieving fairer skin is quite hard for me, because I'm naturally tan. Not all the whitening products I used worked. I had to undergo trial and error shits. I can't bear to waste all my hardships on just one beach trip. *tiis ganda muna. I had to be KJ(kill joy) for the sake of beautyI'm too fussy (*・_・)ノ*`*`* oh well girls will be girls. Huhu no swimsuit selfie on the beach for nooow! (ʃ_⌣̀ )/||
Anyway, I still have a week left. I'm planning to do other outdoor stuff that doesn't involve a direct contact of the sun to my skin, or perhaps I could wear a lotion with spf? Just so my summer wouldn't be much of a waste. Hahaha! 

I was bored yesterday. I spent my night trying out some wigs stocked on my closet and took a selfie of courseeeeeeee how could I miss that. I became nocturnal again @_@ well it's just me being a gamer I guess. 

I kinda miss my real ash blonde hair. T_T Love my popsicle earrings :3

Hello overexposed shots! Hahaha its my trick to make my skin appear whiter on camera. looool 

lol dem cheeckssssssss why so fluffy eeeh??

I searched for a room here that has a good lightning source. And it turned out to be the restroom. Hahaha #selfieattherestroom

My obligatory OOTD mirror shot. Love my panda hat :) and my Jinx bullet belt. Hahaha Jinx! She's a flat chested ad carry champion in League of Legends. Oh here she is!

I don't use her that much coz I suck at landing her skillshots right. Hahahaha! Such a noob.

Anyway, back to my selfies part 2

hmmmmmmmm reminds me of Elsa?!?! :0 hahaha 

What suits me better? The ash blonde or pale blonde? I am bleaching my roots later. Thinking of having my hair silver-ish first then go pastel pink purple. How I wish I wouldn't slack anymoreeeeeee!!! I do hope soooo. I want to have a new look before class starts. ℰ⍲‿⍲ℰ

And that's all folks!

Selfie, anyone? (๑‵●‿●‵๑)

Uhh just a little catch up about what I've been up to recently. I didn't blog that much last April :/ and as a result, I've accumulated lots of selfie! lol and I feel like I gotta show it. I had to upload it! Hahaha. Yup, I am vain.

So here's some random shits I've taken with my phone's camera and now (Oh wait, hey! Before scrolling down. If you're not fond of the cutesy patootsie selfie shots, you might find this very annoying, so just better leave) brace yourself!!

Selfie break on my past makeup gig

Makeup selfie(?)

My close up selfie

hashtag FOTD


lol that background. My twin? Haha!

My curls reminds me of goldilocks :)) lol

Selfie with the two best bitches in town

Selfie with the bitch number 1

Selfie with the bitch number 2

Selfie with a bunch of bitches

Taken last Ozine Fest. It was really a bitchy day haha it was so freaking hot at the event. @_@ 

Nice photobomb Meg! 

Forced smile dilemma 

hashtag OOTD

Non selfie shot my mom took it for me, but meow. I just love my kitty bag :3 #ootd

Hi! Congratulations if you managed to bear with me until the very last picture. Hahaha! Well I just love to take selfies when I'm feeling pretty, and bored. :0 I must not be the only one who's guilty about this. Taking selfies is kinda a trend happening now globally. It's just so crazzzzyyyyyyy sometimes It would took me a hundred selfie shot. Yea, I'm always having trouble on the memory space of my device! Hmm okay so that's it. Just wanted to show my recent selfies. Hahaha 

Happy Selfie-ing lovelies! 

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