1/25/12 Photoshoot *teaser

Finally did a decent photoshoot for the bridal gown I made for my sewing 3 finals. 
Here's some raw photos from our shoot earlier :) 

The model looks so beautiful. You gotta agree with me. Haha! She has the angelic face. 

Ohhhsophisticated :-)

Cool shot classmate. Hahaha! 

Here's some BTS out takes:

Busy bee make up artist/ hair stylist/ designer: Trisha Denise Perez. Hey that's me loooool

with the models and stylist. OMG I do apologize for my face. I look ugly on the photo. Haggard loook.

Will release the photos soon as the photographer uploaded it :-) Yey! cheers for the team. Thank you so much. I really had a great time. 

2ne1 x Etude Park Bom inspired makeup

Left side: Park Bom | Right Side: Me 


Park Bom's eye make-up:

Here's my version:

with false lashes

without false lashes

Really love Park Bom's eye makeup! So I decided to give myself a try to do her eye makeup. It's really quick and easy. Should I post a tutorial or not? :-)  
I also love Minzy's eye makeup. I'm thinking of doing her's too. 
I had fun doing this look. Haha I'm a big fan of 2ne1. Love their style and music! more power to 2ne1 \m/
 you guys rock! 

Anyway, since I'm all dolled up. I decided to dress up like 2ne1 too. I'm so in love with their fashion. They are one of my inspirations <3

Bow hair <3 

I love my earrings. I had it customized at Lumiko.
inspired by CL's earrings

see? Haha I love her hair here! 


My derp faces! Hahahaha

Review: Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in Miami Pink

Hello! today I'll share my thoughts about Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in Miami Pink 03. I actually had this blush for like 6 months more or less. 

Here's how the packaging looks like:

Romantic, elegant, and luxurious are the words best describes the packaging. It comes with a protective red velvet pouch. Which is actually a good thing, because the gold packaging is quite fragile.. Scratch prone and worse, it easily fingerprints. I hate when my fingerprints is all over the packaging after I use the blush. 
It does looks heavy isn't it?  
But it's surprisingly lightweight! How cool is that huhhh. Yes, I'm in love with it. My only advice in keeping the container clean and scratch free is to always make sure it is inside the red velvet pouch after use. 

It also comes with a brush. The quality of the brush is good. It is soft and picks right amount of pigments. My only concern is, it's too small for me *my cheeks consumes 70% of my face lol 
So it turns somewhat uneven when I use the brush for my huge cheeks. 

Miami pink is like a peachy pink with yellow undertone. The blush contains two shades of pink. The matte strips is like the important part of the blush.. I think? haha it's the "pigment" of the blush. While the iridescent shade is the one that contains shimmers. That doesn't sound good for those who are not fond of shimmers. But rest assure, the shimmer is really fine and still looks natural. I honestly barely see the shimmer when it's applied on my cheeks. The texture is very smooth especially the matte one. The shimmer is smooth too but not as much as the matte. Overall, the blush gives you a natural look. But you can also go over board. Apply more until you achieve the desired pigment.

Here's a picture of me before and after I applied the blush :)
Told ya, it's very natural looking. 

Pretty Packaging
Comes with a velvet pouch
Comes with a good quality brush
Smooth texture
Blends well
Natural looking
hhmm it's pink? lol (anything pink looks good for my eyes)

The packaging easily fingerprints
Brush is too small for my cheeks

Me wearing the Clarinds Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in Miami Pink 03

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