Popstar Ahri Cosplay 2.0 ^ↀᴥↀ^

I want to cosplay again. But it's impossible for me coz I'm a full time momma right now. I barely get free time. I've got no time to make my own costume. I'm so jealous of those who got to cosplay at Rampage 2016 last July 23. Well, better luck next rampage event perhaps? Haha

I really miss cosplaying. So I thought of just upgrading my past cosplay by photo manipulating using Photoshop! lol
So this is what I've been up to recently whenever my baby is asleep. Please don't hate me coz of the extreme editing on my photo. I just really want to make it as close as possible to Popstar Ahri's splash art. I'd love to cosplay her again! Maybe her other skin? I'm thinking of cosplaying her classic skin. But I definitely want to cosplay Popstar Ahri again! Hmmm we'll see... Maybe I can do both.. or maybe I'll do her every single skin. Haha! I just love Ahri so much!! 

The background artwork is not mine. I just tweak a little to fit my cosplay.
Credits to the amazing artist of Popstar Ahri's original splash art,  MichelleHoefener
 Here's the original splash art:

And here's my original Popstar Ahri cosplay:

And I also did a loading screen version haha! 
Yep, it's my IGN. I'm the Cattiest Cat <(*ΦωΦ*)> 

I'm from Lolph server. hehe~ But I don't play league that much anymore coz I barely even got free time. I want to play lol when my baby is sleeping but I guess my baby can sense when the mommy is playing haha she'll wake up when I'm in game so yea I'm sorry teammates I have to AFK or leave. Haha! And I'm also back to being noob. I can't play good anymore even with my love, Ahri huhu. My skills is gone. Also, I'm not updated with the meta anymore. I stopped playing league when I was preggy. I can't play coz i'd always feel dizzy infront of a laptop. I was a hardcore lol addict before I got pregnant. Sometimes I play more than 24 hours straight. LoL is life before I got pregnant.

Since this post shows how I'm a devoted fan of Ahri. I might as well share my Popstar Ahri drawing with you guys hehe  

Maternity Part II

This is just a continuation of my previous post. If you want to see the Part 1 click here.

Photo by: Patrick Ligot
Hair & Makeup, Outfit & Accessories: Yours truly

And some selfies from my phone!! 

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