Rampage 2015. Me as Popstar Ahri (๑‵●‿●‵๑)

I attended Rampage 2015 as Popstar Ahri. My first cosplay ever! Ahri has always been my favorite League of Legends champion. Not only because she's the prettiest champion for me in league but also she's my most used AP carry champion. That's why I decided to cosplay her. I wanted to be her for a day. Hahaha. 

My Rampage 2015 experience honestly was kinda shitty. I've had lots of problems during the event, especially the struggle with my costume. 
My tails are too heavy and I'm wearing a 5 inches heels. The support of my tails is a bag pack type and the material used for the strap was too small. So my arms and armpit hurts like hell. Also, my back hurts because of the weight of the tails. 
The fabric of my hat is too slippery for my wig, that's why it would always slide down and fall. Plus, the heart on my hat kept on falling. Good thing I brought a double adhesive tape with me but it's not enough. I had to reapply it every time it fall. And my corset is too tight. Weee~ The struggle is real~ 

Well yea so I was kinda irritated. I am really sorry for those who requested a picture with me and got rejected. I was too tired, I had to rest... I guess cosplaying Ahri was a mistake for a Rampage event. I should've pick an easier one like Star Guardian Lux. Or must be because it was my first time? I'm not yet used to standing up all day, taking pictures with random people while wearing a heavy suit.  

I really wanted to see what's going on with the event. But I missed everything because I was tired, I can't go around freely to see what's happening because lots of people were asking for a picture. We also fucking missed the freebies. Yea.SUCKS.BIGTIME. It was already 6pm when we decided to get the freebies and unfortunately, it was already out of stock. Well fck. Bye freebies... Also, my boyfriend lost his shoes during the event. Anyway, I moved on. Nothing went well on that day. 
Better luck next time, I guess? (ʃ_⌣̀ )/||

Good thing my photographer friend arrived even though it was kinda late. We decided to have a mini shoot before we change our outfit. And so here it is:

Trisha Denise Perez(me) as Popstar Ahri of League of Legends. (๑‵●‿●‵๑)
Hahahaha fail background. 

We're planning to reshoot everything on a better venue. Oh~ and I made everything on my costume! Except for the support of the tails. I had no idea how to create the bone structure of the tails and I'm too lazy for that so I had somebody else made it for me. But the sewing of the fur and stuffing was me. So yea, the sewing and everything was all me. Hahaha it was fun doing Ahri's costume. I love everything about her costume. 

I'm also thinking if i'd consider doing cosplay costumes for a career. But I'm not sure yet. I really wanted Haute Couture and Japanese Fashion. But now that I already made a real costume. I'd think about it~ 

My friend, Eri Cruz as Popstar Caitlyn. 
I also helped Eri with some details of her costume. 

And my boyfriend, Kiel Montero as Genderbend Officer Vi.
I made his officer hat! Also helped with the details of the costume. The gauntlets is just so cool!! It comes with lights and the fingers are movable. Cool righttt!??
It was made by: Subsonic Forge

The Popstars 
Popstar Ahri and Caitlyn on duty! ヽ(•‿•)ノ
fuck you pose haha

I really wanted to reshoot everything on a better venue!! 

And our dearest friend, Chi Concepcion. Thank you for the photos 
Post Process by: Me 

And of course my post wouldn't be complete without my vanity selfies so here you go!! 

So that was my experience for Rampage 2015. It wasn't fun but atleast, I learned my lessons. Hahaha I don't know if I'd still cosplay on the next rampage events. But this definitely is not my last cosplay. I wanted to cosplay more League of Legends champion,  


  1. Hi! I was there as Popstar Ahri too! Actually, I saw you outside the hall while I was still doing my makeup and you are preparing your tails. At first I got overwhelmed and somehow a low self-esteem because your Popstar Ahri is so PERFECT while mine is a one-tailed Ahri only~ ;---;) but my fangirl self can't help but be inspired by your cosplay. And knowing now that it's your first time to cosplay, and you made such an amazing costume, make me want to follow more of your works. Hoping to see more of your League cosplays!

    1. Aww thank you for appreciating my work ♥♥ yes will definitely cosplay more league champions ♥

    2. Looking forward! By the way, since I really loved the way your Popstar Ahri was made, is it possible to have you commission a popstar ahri cos for me too? if yes, how much would it cost?

    3. Send me a message in facebook :D


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