Diamond Lash Review - Glamorous Eye

Diamond Lash - is a Japanese brand known for their high quality upper and lower cosme eyelashes. These are often seen in popular Japanese magazines like Popteen and EGG. Very popular among gyaru's out there!

*Volume [10/10] - It's pretty thick and gives you a voluminous lashes. I like the fullness and how dramatic this lash looks.

*Length [10/10] -  Uber long! perfect <33 I've been looking for falsies that offers dramatic length without looking crazy, and so far this is just the perfect lash for me! You can see how long it is from the side view. And the lash band is pretty long as well. Long lash band helps creates an illusion of your eyes being longer. You may want to trim it if you find it a little bit too much for your eyes.

*Comfort [9/10] - It's moderately comfy but make sure you apply it properly or else it may tend to be itchy. The lashes is thick and a little stiff. So, you may feel the "heaviness" of the lashes. But I don't mind at all.

*Reusability [9/10] - Definitely reusable. As I say, the lash band is thick. It won't break easily. But yeah, it also depends on how you take care of your falsies. Anyway, doesn't matter to me since it comes with 5 pairs. :)

*Price / Availability [8/10] - Affordable! 860php/22usd not bad for 5 pairs of cute falsies! But the thing is, it's only available in japan. So, you will have to buy online. I bought mine at Geisha's Secret

*Overrall Rating: 9/10 I'm really impressed with these lashes! too bad it's not available in malls here in Ph D:

Here's how it looks on my eyes :)

I'm so loving these falsies like OMG! See how long the lashes are? It helps my eyes appear bigger than usual. I'll use these lashes for occasions like parties, cosplay events,etc. And oh, I know you can see the weird stuff on my eye on the 2nd pic. It's eyelid tape Hehee I have this eyelid over a year now. But I don't know how to apply it properly back then. So I just kept it. Then I decided to give it a try once again. And  BAAMM! I don't know what just happened, but I suddenly managed to apply the eyelid tape properly! *cries (tears of joy)* 
It made my eyes real big, and it unbelievably changed how my eyes looks. I'm so amazed! You can barely see it when you're just on normal view. Zoom is a no no for eyelid tapes! I bought my eyelid tape at Etude House.

Me wearing the Glamorous eye diamond falsies 
Ikr, I'm forever vain! :D

with flash :P
You can see how clearly the lashes looks with flash.. So.. more pictures with flash for you! HAHAHA :D 
Okay too much flash.. It makes me looks like a ghost LOL my face is so white! Anyway, the eyelid tape is also gorgeous <3 it works well with my eyes. I'm wearing Diamond Lash - Princess Eye for my lower lid. 


And now, time for Outfit Post :D
I so love my chunky shoes!! 

I recently got my hair dyed with ash blonde. It's grayish green in actual. And I'm loving my current it! It's much wearable and toned down than my past hair dye. I tied my hair up! And I find it cute. Hahaha Should I make a tutorial for hair also? been receiving messages requesting for my hair dye tips, hair style, and everything about my hair lol

Next to review: Dolly Wink Limited Edition Lashes <33

Dolly Wink Limited Edition & Diamond Lashes Glamorous Eye

Dolly Wink Limited Edition lashes and Diamond Lash Glamorous Eyes <33

Yey! My dolly wink and diamond lash orders finally arrived! I've been so excited for this <3 and OMG, they are totally GORGEOUS! believe me when I say it's gorgeous >:) Can't wait to try them on! Gonna make a review as soon as I try them on. 

Bought them at Geisha Secret 
The seller is so kind. It was a hassle free transaction :) She even send a freebie marshmallows from Japan <33 and it was so yummmmmmmy! I recommend her shop if you're looking for gyaru stuffs, japanese cosmetics, etc :) 

Yummy Oligo Collagen Marshmallows! :3

PS. Sorry for the crappy quality of the picture. I just used my phone camera :)

My Gyaru Makeup Tutorial


I've been receiving lots of messages recently requesting for a video make-up tutorial. But, this is all I can do now. Tutorial based on pictures instead of video :) I'm too shy to film a video lol :P I'll also be posting pictures of the products I used for this tutorial. YES, this post will have loads of pictures lol 
Please bear with me since this is my first ever makeup tutorial. Hehee!

Let's start the tutorial with my picture, Haha! I'm vainnn >:)) Anyway, this is the look:

So let's get started!

1. of course we'll always start with the basics. Apply moisturizer + primer + your favorite foundation/bb cream.

2. Apply concealer on your dark spots, under eyes, sides of your nose, blemishes. You may also apply concealer before foundation. But in my case, I apply it after foundation because I think it conceals more of my dark spots/blemishes. but yea it doesn't matter whichever comes first :)
I'm using Dolce & Gabbana concealer 
3. Set your foundation with loose powder. By doing so, it would make your skin matte and it also help to prevent your face from gettin oily. But avoid putting too much. It tends to cake up if you put too much. 
Candy Doll Loose Powder
4. Prime your lids. Priming your lids would keep your eyeshadow crease free and vibrant all day.
5. Blend the primer all over your lids using your fingers.
Smashbox Photo Finish lid primer

6. Apply eyeshadow on your lids. Use a shade close to your natural skin tone.
Majolica Majorca Single Eyeshadow 4CICB
7. Apply black eyeshadow on your crease. Applying dark eyeshadow on your crease will add depth and dimension of your eyes.
8. Use a fluffy brush for blending the eyeshadow.
9. Using again the black matte eyeshadow, apply it on your lower lids lower lids.
Dior Makeup Palette
10. Line your upper lids with liquid eyeliner. Extend the wing :DDD
Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
11. Line your lower lids with pencil eyeliner. Just leave the waterline, do not put anything on it. This would make your eyes appear bigger. I skipped the white eyeliner because I think it's too much, and we want to achieve the big anime eyes as natural as possible. :)
Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on pencil
12. Now, put mascara on your upper lash.
13. Apply mascara on your lower lash.
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus
14. Define your brows. I'm using light brown shade because my hair is ash blonde. You should match your brow with the color of your hair.
15. And this is where drastic change will occur! Apply long lashes. This would make your eyes appear dramatically bigger than usual :)
 I'm using The Face Shop Falsies
16. Apply bottom lashes.
I got my bottom falsies from my friend Jemz <3 Thank you babes! :*
 It's Diamond Lash Princess eye 
17. Sorry I don't have picture for applying blush on. I'm pretty sure you guys know how to put it right? :P Anyway, just put blush on your cheeks. Smile real big then just put it on your cheeks! Haha!
I'm using The Face Shop Illuminating Cushion Blusher- 01 Pink
18. (You can skip this part) Apply highlighter above your blush it's on top of your cheekbones. This would give you dewy effect but it's all up to you if you diggin that style.
Majolica Majorca Highlighter 4CNCK (purpleish)
19. Apply lipstick! I choose a matte pink lipstick because it's my favorite :) Just apply any lipstick that you want. You can use nude, peachy shades etc. :)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick matte 011 Stormy Pink

Now you're finished! You're now all dolled up :) and that's it! Hope you guys like my first ever make up tutorial :) I'm gonna make more tutorial soon! :P If you guys want to request just leave a comment or message me here or on my facebook account :)

Me with my current favorite makeup products <33

Photo spam!! Spell VAINNNNNNN :))))) 
Apologies for being VAIN :P

That's all folks!

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