Philippine Fashion Week-Friday October 28, 2011 ; and yet she still continue to be late

I attended the Cybershot luxewear event at SMX. The event showcased various talented Filipino designers. My friend and I were late! Also, I'm not in the mood to take pictures so I didn't. Only took a few and it was the end of the show. And I'm so sorry for that.

The show was awesome. Inspires me a lot. I'm like daydreaming that someday my designs were also gonna be worn by the professional models and ramp it at the runway. That's gonna happen real soon, I swear. #That's the spirit girl! 
 Though it was kinda "bitin" / "me wants more" because.. As usual, I was late again. I wasn't able to watch the full show. I was supposed to attend the show again last Sunday. But ugh. I was late again and again and decided not to go. BOOOO can't I be a little more punctual?!  

Anywhooooo, here's what I wore:

DAS17 Red Heel Less Shoes from DAS | Shawl Collar Chained Blazer: Juicy Couture. 
Sorry I forgot where I bought the other stuffs I wore. I just wear anything available in my closet. 

and my Chinese cutie friend, Nicky Ku. I'm sure you're familiar with her face if you've been reading my previous entry. Love her shoes! 

We had the hardest time camwhoring because DSLR's are quite heavy you know. But, I'll just take the  brighter side. It enhances my arm muscle bwahaha. Corny, I know :P 

Derp faces is derp.

And of course, my favorite part! My make up look:

I'm using the Dolly Wink Limited Edition Eyelash. 

And that's it! *bow

Trisha starts with letter T as in TARDY/ TARDINESS/ TARDIEST/ TAMAD

I was so tardy recently......... Uhm, okay I'll be honest.. not really recently. Haha! This has been my problem like forever. I don't always feel like going to school. Been like this since Elementary! don't actually know why. It's just that when I wake up in the morning, I can't get up! and ended up being absent or late because I'm too lazy to get my ass outta my hella magnetic bed. I think it's about time to change since I'm college now. My school is quite strict. Well all college schools/universities is very particular with attendance. Maximum of three absence is only allowed. If you go beyond that then you will be automatically dropped. And now my status in all of my subjects is...... *drum rolls***
I got three absences in all my subject this term! BWAHAHA I'm such a "super student" That's how lazy I am!! Hate myself for being such a lazy-assed. Must find way on how to dramatically change my lifestyle. I must tell you this.. My mind set goes like this.. "If I don't feel like it, you cannot do anything about it." such a stubborn girl huh. But that's how I am. I know, if I continue being like this it may hinder chances or opportunities. O___O
Seriously, I will really try my best to change for the better this time! *GOODLUCK 
I'll sleep early than usual starting tomorrow. Spend less time surfing the net. Get up from the bed quickly. What else? hmmmmm Alright, I think it's time to change the topic! Hahaha

My outfit for today.
Cropped tank top/ tube for inner wear/ leopard high waisted skirt/ Balenciaga inspired heels from Asianvogue
I actually had blazer on but I just removed it because the weather was hot.
*I'm so fat! Need to go diet!

Some of my friends from SoFA poses for the camera :-)
Nicky Ku 

Jessie Kairuz

Kc Cruz

the girls abusing my photography skills HAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol I kid! I kid!

This shot still looks cute even though it's blurred. I'm sure Nicky will love this because we looked so damn thin! Just look at the legs. Stickkkkkk

And our legs without the blurry effect. uhmmm I say fat HAHAHA

My ticket for PFW scheduled for today. My mom and I was supposedly gonna attend this event today but we didn't make it on time. We're late so we just decided not to go. We'll watch the show on Friday instead. 

Did this make up after class because we were supposdly gonna attend the show right. So I added a dramatic eye makeup. But yea, unfortunately my effort on changing my eyemake up is useless LOL 

Alright, that's all for today. It's already 3am. I need to go to sleep I still have morning class later. Haha! I'll try not to be late swearrrr :p 

K-Palette real lasting eyeliner 1 day tattoo + Diamond Lash Sweet Eyes

I've always been curious with this k palette 1 day tattoo. The name of the product itself sounds promising "1 day tattoo" so I decided to grab one. I bought the limited edition. It's so cute and pink overload. The normal one has different packaging. It's just a plain boring black liquid eyeliner. 

It comes with this "Beautiful Girl" CD. But I'm not really familiar. I don't even know who's the girl in the CD. 
I bet she's a singer from japan. Well I was just stating the obvious haha 

I'll make a review soon for this eyeliner! I had this feeling that this eyeliner works the same as Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner. 

I also bought Diamond Lash Sweet Eye. It's for bottom lashes. So gorgeous isn't it? I can't wait to try them on! I'll also make a review for this product anytime soon. 

Bought Porsche Perfume for my Dad! His birthday is coming. He'll turn 47 on October 25 so I had to buy for a present :) Hope he'll like my present for him. 

I bought my k palette eyerliner and Diamond Lash at Geisha's Secret. They send me a super cute freebie! It's a mechanical pencil with a bubble gum color. So cute! And I'm actually in need for a new mechanical pencil. Good thing I got this as a freebie! I really do recommend this online shop if you're looking for Japanese cosmetics. The seller is so kind :-) 

Kill me with these shoes!

My addictions:
1st = Make up
2nd = Shoes with killer heels

I just realized that I haven't mentioned here in my blog the most dangerous/killer shoes I got so far. Been receiving tons of questions regarding this controversial shoes. 

I pre ordered this pair of shoes online from dasmyshoes. I supposedly had to wait for 3-4 weeks for the order to be processed. But then I found out that the shop is going to join a bazaar at Rockwell tent. So I immediately asked the owner, Ms. Sureen, If there will be a stock for the shoes. And luckily, she answered yes! I was so excited to death and personally picked it up from the bazaar. I'm lucky because I do not have to wait for 3-4 hell weeks. 

I don't really wanted to reveal how much it cost me to buy these shoes but I've been receiving messages asking "where and how much". So here it is.. I got these shoes for 5,500php/128usd. quite pricey but it's undoubtedly worth it! 
These shoes may looks like you're gonna fall anytime when you wore it, but absolutely NO. It's unbelievably comfortable! It's the same feeling as you're wearing a wedge. I can actually wear this shoes all day long. But uhm it's a lil heavy.

Hello gorgeous shoes! you're mine now <3 
I'll post picture wearing these killer shoes soon :)

 And some other shoes I got recently.
I'm also inlove with these pair of shoes. So cute! I'm so attracted with the flag trend Hehee

I'm disappointed with these shoes. It looks quite dirty and ridiculously dry. The material that was used is like a cheap felt paper. Seems like it would tear up easily like a felt paper and feels like the color is gonna bleed anytime. It's so rough and it easily traps dirt. Well you can clearly see it on the picture. Bought these shoes + flag shoes at TLC Forfashion.

Yey! Some of the shoes I ordered from Asianvogue finally arrived! I'm still waiting for 3 pairs. 

I told you, my second addiction is SHOES with killer heels.

Pink Highlights + Ben Nye Lumiere Grand Palette + Urban Decay Primer Potion

Yeheey! Finally I has pink highlights <3 Been always wanted to dye my hair pink. But I think it's not wearable.. like when you step out of your house and someone sees you with pink head, they would probably be like O_______O And the outfit that should be worn if my hair is pink would be limited :/ I mean, not all colors doesn't match pink right? Which is a big disadvantage for me since I don't stick to one style. I got bored easily that's why I love trying out different styles :) But for now, Gyaru style is LOVE 

Anyway, I didn't put the pink dye on my real hair, it's on my extensions. I actually think it's wiser. 
Advantage: I can take it off if it doesn't match my outfit and whenever I don't feel like wearing it. It won't fade fast since I don't wash my extensions daily. lol *it's because I don't use it everyday. Okay let's now move on with a picture of me wearing my pink extensions and being vain forever and ever. 

I used Manic Panic Cupcake Pink for dyeing my extensions :)

Hey It's my adorable nephew Alek :-) He's the cutest creature I've ever seen! Hahaha look at his expression in the picture. He knows how to do wacky poses on camera. SO ADORABLE!!

And I'm sad because my hair was cut T_T I miss my super long hair. 


I've been so excited for Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Palette! It finally arrived YEY <3

 I'm loving this palette! It's so pigmented just look on the swatch that I did. I just swipe it lightly on my fingers then viola! 
 But the sad part is... It was damaged T_T Probably because of the shipping. Good thing the seller was kind enough to replace the damaged eyeshadow with urban decay eyeshadow. YEY I'm excited for it again. I got this palette from thestylequarter

And finally, the ever so famous all over the beauty blogs. Urban Decay Primer Potion! 
I ran out of primer so I decided to buy this one since it's very popular. and I've been eyeing on this one for the longest time. I'm glad I did buy myself one because I think it's a lot better than my previous eyelid primer(smashbox eyelid primer) Heheee~ 

And that's all for now ^_^ 


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