Cosmania 2011

Yehey! After several months, I attended a cosplay event once again. The event is Cosmania held at SMX, Philippines last October 1. It was a blast! Lemme share some of my pictures during the event. 

Me with my friend Nicky Ku and Erina Cruz

Hehee~ I wore a sweet Lolita outfit. Lolita fashion is actually my first love that falls under japanese fashion. I just can't resist the cuteness. And it's a lil bit victorian inspired, which I am fond of. 
I personally designed the outfit I wore. Hehee. But I was a little disappointed about the fabric that was used T_T Lolita's don't use shiny fabric material. Blame it on my seamstress! I told her to use any fabric that suits the design just make sure that she'll stay away from shiny fabrics. But, there you go! She used a Taffeta fabric(shiny fabric). :'< tsss I was a lil stressed about it. Anyway, I'll just look at the brighter side..  Good thing it came out the way I wanted it to look like! uhm.. except for the fabric.

I made my headdress :D The wig that I used is from Gothic Lolita Wigs.
I so love my wig! I'm using strawberries and cream 1G from blended series. It actually reminds me of a cotton candy! It's so perfect for sporting a sweet lolita <3 

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Thanks for the pictures I posted~


  1. ayun na ang kakambal kong wig <3

  2. OMG! you look so cute! i really love your blog!!! i followed...hope you'll follow back!

  3. @elie
    yuhhhh super cute! haha I ordered wigs ulit from gothic lolita nkaka adik T_T

    waaa thank you <3 I followed you back. I'm loving your blog!

  4. hmm hime gyaru belle, chocalatte blended series tska 2tone chocolate. so exctedddddd <3 ikaw nag order ka ulit?haha

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. ❤ the face, the wig, the costume, the bow, the make-up, the shots.
    Everything was perfect ー(>ω<*)ノ

  7. @Trisha

    -hindi pa >.<, nag buy ako black extensions ee hahahaa. wah top choices ku din yan >.<, picturan mu muna, pag natuwa ako buy din ako ^_^

  8. you look sooo cute!
    love all the outfits! ;D

  9. @bunny ai
    aww thank you girl <3
    @elie ai
    hahah! osige kapag dumating mag pichur picture ako =)
    Hihi thank you so much :)))


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