Pink Highlights + Ben Nye Lumiere Grand Palette + Urban Decay Primer Potion

Yeheey! Finally I has pink highlights <3 Been always wanted to dye my hair pink. But I think it's not wearable.. like when you step out of your house and someone sees you with pink head, they would probably be like O_______O And the outfit that should be worn if my hair is pink would be limited :/ I mean, not all colors doesn't match pink right? Which is a big disadvantage for me since I don't stick to one style. I got bored easily that's why I love trying out different styles :) But for now, Gyaru style is LOVE 

Anyway, I didn't put the pink dye on my real hair, it's on my extensions. I actually think it's wiser. 
Advantage: I can take it off if it doesn't match my outfit and whenever I don't feel like wearing it. It won't fade fast since I don't wash my extensions daily. lol *it's because I don't use it everyday. Okay let's now move on with a picture of me wearing my pink extensions and being vain forever and ever. 

I used Manic Panic Cupcake Pink for dyeing my extensions :)

Hey It's my adorable nephew Alek :-) He's the cutest creature I've ever seen! Hahaha look at his expression in the picture. He knows how to do wacky poses on camera. SO ADORABLE!!

And I'm sad because my hair was cut T_T I miss my super long hair. 


I've been so excited for Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Palette! It finally arrived YEY <3

 I'm loving this palette! It's so pigmented just look on the swatch that I did. I just swipe it lightly on my fingers then viola! 
 But the sad part is... It was damaged T_T Probably because of the shipping. Good thing the seller was kind enough to replace the damaged eyeshadow with urban decay eyeshadow. YEY I'm excited for it again. I got this palette from thestylequarter

And finally, the ever so famous all over the beauty blogs. Urban Decay Primer Potion! 
I ran out of primer so I decided to buy this one since it's very popular. and I've been eyeing on this one for the longest time. I'm glad I did buy myself one because I think it's a lot better than my previous eyelid primer(smashbox eyelid primer) Heheee~ 

And that's all for now ^_^ 



  1. awwww! you are so pretty!! *O* love you makeup! and pink hair is really cute :]

  2. @victoria scarlet aw thank youuuuuu <3 ur prettier!

    @khaori thank youuuuuuuuuuu! <3

  3. Ahaha another one who bought that UD primer. I'm really thinking about getting it as well but Urban Decay unfortunately isn't available here, so yeah xD"

  4. @anna
    yea but it's available online ^_^ it's really good though. must try :D

    @bunny ai
    waaaaaa thank you >:D<

  5. you're so pretty :o♥ luv your hair:>

  6. waah I love the pink highlights! sooo Nana <3 how is the texture of the palette? is it smooth/no fallouts? I'm deciding between this or the makeup forever flash palette! hehehe!

  7. @jenna
    thank you so much <3
    Yes! Nana is <3<3
    it's amazing~ it's smooth and super pigmented!

  8. Love how you did your locks. You kind of reminded me of Tsubasa-chan and a Liz Liza-esque aura.

    (I know someone might hate me with this entry)

    I would suggest if you reduce your usage of liquify tool *or make it less noticeable*.

    It's not bad to PS, celebrities on magazines do it too, so why shouldn't we? :)

    (It's their instant anti-aging solution and quick fix. Even though you know it's PS'd, you "can't seem to point" what's PS'd because it was done so well)

  9. @Rin
    Thank you :) Yes, I admit I used the liquify tool but only in my hair on the 1st picture. My hair was a lil bit straighten(bottom part of my hair) and I wanted it to look wavy so there I used the liquify tool :) So if you would notice, my hair on the first picture is wavier than the other pics.


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