Kbop Ad Photoshoot: Behind the Scene

I was invited again to do Hair& Make-up for an Ad Photoshoot. This time, it's for Kbop restaurant. 
Kbop is a Korean restaurant, located at SM North Edsa, Quezon City and Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig. 

Ohh Korean stuffs is love love love! Especially k-pop music and k-pop fashion. 
But honestly, I haven't tried eating at Korean restaurant. Booooooooo. What a loser. But, oh wait! I think I did.. Once perhaps? I just forgot what I ordered and how it tastes like. Just so you know, I really am forgetful. 

Anyhow, the shoot was last February 11. I was just too lazy to update my blog. 
and our peg for the shoot is... KPOP 

Getting work done. I'm doing Kpop inspired make up look. That means.. Winged eyeliner, falsies, nude lips, glowy skin! 

Retouching. Nicky the stylist, having a great time.

The outfit and shoes is mine btw. 

Cute pose!

Oh gosh please!! Nicky, that hair is so disturbing! Hahaha Y U TROLLING?

We're kinda busy. Ki-kinda busy ki-kinda busy~ lol
Art Director choreographing the model for the poses.

I love the way she works with that pout. 

Model: Azel Cha
Hair & Make up artist: Trisha Denise Perez
Stylist: Nicky Ku
Photog:  ermmm sorry I don't know who the Photog is. But I heard he's a great and pioneer Photographer. I also don't know what's the name of his studio. I think it goes by the name F5 studio? not so sure about that. It's located at Mandaluyong though.

I'd like to thank Nicky Ku and her dad, Sunny Ku for inviting me again for an Ad Photoshoot. Cheers!

Kbop restaurant Mc Kinley branch. They just opened a branch at SM North Edsa.
I got the picture here.

Random Stuffs:

More Make up Shopping Haul for this week ♥

OMG I overspend with shopping just for this week! But it's alright. It somehow acts as a stress reliever for me. I've been so busy lately. 

Anyway, here's the lovelies that arrived in my home just now:
Yves Saint Laurent Palette Blanc Terriblement Face Highlighter
Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking Mascara
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in Light
Clarins Instant Liner in Black 01
Clarins Rouge Prodige No. 131 in Passion Rose (limited edition)
Sephora Blush in Coral Flush N06
Rimmel HD Glam Eyes in True Union Jack
Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick No.8
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette 

I just can't wait to try them on! 

DIY Egyptian Inspired Shoes

This was for my Clothing Evolution project. 
We were asked to make an Egyptian inspired object. Then I thought maybe I can work with shoes. 
And here's how it turned out:

I cram. I procrastinate. I rushed.
Geez I managed to finish that shoes in just one night. I really am an expert when it comes to cramming.

The shoes was basically just a plain white old gladiator sandals of mine. I used gold spray paint for dyeing it. It's my first time doing that, but I never thought that it would work so well! The finish/texture looks similar with jelly shoes. Then, I added beads, tassel, button, gold sequence and taa-daaaan! finished. it's very easy. =)

Here's my inspiration: 

Cleopatra's tassel-ish hair 

Egyptian Ancient Net Dress 

Egyptian Symbolism 

 Next Project: Byzantine Mosaic

Valentines shopping haul

Happy Valentines day everyone! 

What I did on Valentines? went shopping at Rustans, Makati. lol 
And here's what I bought:

Nars Albatross, Nars New Order

They are just so gorg!! I've got no words to say but just GORGEOUS! Will do a review for this soon. These two lovelies made my day <3

and I bought a slimming pills. Yes, I am that desperate to lose weight! Hahaha. I heard so much good feedbacks with this slimming pills called, Pretty Model Slimming Capsule. No palpitations, no dehydration, your sleepping habit will remain normal, lose 16pounds in just 10days. Amazing isn't? So I opted to try it myself! =) Hoping those are true. *cross fingers* 
Will update you guys for my weightloss project journey.

 Super cute make-up brushes bought at Forever21. I actually bought them 2 weeks ago. I just realized that I haven't blog about it. Ohwell so what do you say?? It's so perfect for pink sucker like me! The brushes were really soft. But it doesn't pick much pigment like natural fiber brushes does. But, I don't care as long as it's pretty.

Anyway, will tell you guys how I spend my valentines.
I spend my valentines with my SoFA friends. Shopping plus ate dinner at Greenbelt. Unfortunately, I don't have the pictures with me.. It was really fun indeed. Plus, a little bit of adventure. Hahaha! 
I left my bag with my loptop inside on package counter at Landmark. We didn't noticed the time when we were having dinner because we're really having fun chitchatting. and landmark was closing! Gosh. I did everything just to retrieve my bag! Luckily, I manage to get my loptop back! phew. I was really worried that my stuffs might get lost. loool What a long day for me. But nevertheless, I had fun! 

I don't want to.. and never will? 
- loner, emo kid. Hahaha kidding :P

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