DIY Egyptian Inspired Shoes

This was for my Clothing Evolution project. 
We were asked to make an Egyptian inspired object. Then I thought maybe I can work with shoes. 
And here's how it turned out:

I cram. I procrastinate. I rushed.
Geez I managed to finish that shoes in just one night. I really am an expert when it comes to cramming.

The shoes was basically just a plain white old gladiator sandals of mine. I used gold spray paint for dyeing it. It's my first time doing that, but I never thought that it would work so well! The finish/texture looks similar with jelly shoes. Then, I added beads, tassel, button, gold sequence and taa-daaaan! finished. it's very easy. =)

Here's my inspiration: 

Cleopatra's tassel-ish hair 

Egyptian Ancient Net Dress 

Egyptian Symbolism 

 Next Project: Byzantine Mosaic


  1. Wow. congrats! that is a nice egyptian inspired sandals...

  2. Amazing and Inspiring

  3. Amazing Awesome and Inspiring


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