Valentines shopping haul

Happy Valentines day everyone! 

What I did on Valentines? went shopping at Rustans, Makati. lol 
And here's what I bought:

Nars Albatross, Nars New Order

They are just so gorg!! I've got no words to say but just GORGEOUS! Will do a review for this soon. These two lovelies made my day <3

and I bought a slimming pills. Yes, I am that desperate to lose weight! Hahaha. I heard so much good feedbacks with this slimming pills called, Pretty Model Slimming Capsule. No palpitations, no dehydration, your sleepping habit will remain normal, lose 16pounds in just 10days. Amazing isn't? So I opted to try it myself! =) Hoping those are true. *cross fingers* 
Will update you guys for my weightloss project journey.

 Super cute make-up brushes bought at Forever21. I actually bought them 2 weeks ago. I just realized that I haven't blog about it. Ohwell so what do you say?? It's so perfect for pink sucker like me! The brushes were really soft. But it doesn't pick much pigment like natural fiber brushes does. But, I don't care as long as it's pretty.

Anyway, will tell you guys how I spend my valentines.
I spend my valentines with my SoFA friends. Shopping plus ate dinner at Greenbelt. Unfortunately, I don't have the pictures with me.. It was really fun indeed. Plus, a little bit of adventure. Hahaha! 
I left my bag with my loptop inside on package counter at Landmark. We didn't noticed the time when we were having dinner because we're really having fun chitchatting. and landmark was closing! Gosh. I did everything just to retrieve my bag! Luckily, I manage to get my loptop back! phew. I was really worried that my stuffs might get lost. loool What a long day for me. But nevertheless, I had fun! 

I don't want to.. and never will? 
- loner, emo kid. Hahaha kidding :P


  1. I love your buys! They're so pretty *_* Especially your diamante brushes! ^^
    Btw I love your layout o_O It's so pretty and cute ^^

  2. I LOVE THOSE BRUSHES! We're both pink maniacs =))


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