Fashbook Feature: Behind The Scene

Good day everyone! :) 
Have some great news!!! I'll be featured at GMA news tv, Fashbook show!!! hoorayy!! Still I am overwhelmed :D It was such a rush. My stylist friend, Trisha Jarabelo, called me last Thursday around 6-8pm. She asked if I was free last friday 9am, for a taping because they wanted to feature me on Fashbook!! They asked me to talk about Japanese fashion, kawaii fashion, and show my kawaii closet.
I was like @_@ Howww? Is this even true? loooool.
And of course, I immediately answered YES! Even though I am having doubts, because I am unprepared. I wasn't home yet, so I can't prepare the stuff I need right away. And haven't even had any decent sleep for days. I started packing up my things at 1am. Finished everything at 5am. Also, It rained so hard, and had an urgent errand. Thought I wasn't gonna make it. But yea I still made it to the taping despite of all the hassles. lool I came to the shoot sleepless, empty stomached, and unprepared.. I was so "sabaw" not in good condition. 
And as expected, yea it was not my best T_T I was kinda sabaw answering the questions. I could have done better if only I had a decent sleep. huhu 
I'm kinda afraid to watch the episode. Haha I'm conscious how I'd look like in TV. -_- 
Hope that I won't appear super faaaaaat. I feel so nervous. o_______o I can sense how awkward I am in TV. Not used to filming myself. I am a bit shy when it comes to videos. I don't know why. 

It was really a new crazy experience for me! It was a blast and I had fuuun, even though I am not feeling well. 
I am so thankful for the opportunity :D :D Really, thank you Fashbook team, especially my friend, Trisha Jarabelo! :3 And ofcourse God. Still can't believe that I was the one chosen to be featured. But I feel kinda sad because I didn't give my best shot T_T Anyway, better luck next time perhaps? hehee~ 

So here's some pics I took from my phone wohoooo~

That was my first outfit :) mirror shot foreverrrrrr loool. Everyone was so busy and I was shy to approach them and ask to take a picture for me. -_-

With Vanessa and Leah :D Super love this two lovely girls! New found friendssssss <3
I designed the pink Lolita dress worn by Vanessa. 

Btw, I made my corset top :)

I am so loving the detachable collar! It goes well with my outfit. Should make one for myself!!!

They all loved my shoes! So am I :3 
I felt like Cardcaptor Sakura. lol

The neko earssssss! I'm inloveeeee. I really wanted to buy it, but too bad, not allowed. :( 

With my ever supporting Mom <3 

And my wacky eldest sisterrrr :D

Sorry for the low quality pics. It was only taken from my phone. And I really do apologize for the mirror shots. I am still waiting for the other BTS photos hehee~ will post more when I got the copy. 

Anyway, for those who want to watch. It will be air on GMA news tv, 10pm on Wednesday :) (not so sure about this) Will update if there will be changes. 

PS. Sorry if I'd appear a little sabaw on the TV. :O 

Dollified :3

Hello Everyone! 

It has been a long time since I updated my blog. I am sorry. I was too lazy. :|
Been so busy being a full time gamer for the past few months. I'm currently addicted playing this online game called, League of Legends. But from now on, gonna try my best to blog more. Haha (lol I've heard that before) well I guess there's nothing I can do about my laziness. But who knows, we'll see! :) 

Anyways, So I am back and I'll be talking about the new makeup look that I did and my current hairstyle.
Let's start with the makeup look. Here's how it looks: 

Yes, it is obviously inspired by dolls/anime/barbie with all the exaggeratedly big bright eyes.
Well I was never a fan of white eyeliner. I just gave it a try. And seriously, I actually liked it! How come I only tried it now?! I've known this white eyeliner trick for such a long time, but this was actually my first time applying it. Haha! I always thought white eyeliner is a little bit out of the norm. Yea, actually it still is but... I was just amazed how it dramatically changed my eye shape. It made my eyes appear more bigger and brighter! But still not gonna put this white eyeliner trick on my everyday makeup look. Black eyeliner all the waaaay~ lol 

For the eyeshadow, I recreated a fake crease. The cut crease trick is amazing and it is also one of my all time favorite makeup trick, because it can make your crease appear higher without putting eyelid tape. Also, gives an illusion of your eyes looking bigger. 

For the lips, Just like a lip of a doll, made my lips look smaller than usual. I covered my entire lips with concealer. Then drew a new lip shape using lip liner. And filled up everything with lip paint. 

 I added a little twist on this makeup look by putting a cosmetic glitters under my eyes. That actually made this makeup look more interesting. Also, helped a bit on covering my dark under eye. It made my under eye appear brighter, and helped reduce the appearance of my tired-looking-eyes coz of the shinning shimmering glitters. 

And ahh finally! My favorite part, let me spam you with my vanity selca pics wearing the doll inspired makeup look. Hahaha! 
Will post the makeup products I used on the latter part. If you wanna know about my hair, then keep scrolling down :3

Okay enough on the selca pictures...
 Wonder how I looked with and without the eye make up? Well here it is!

I know right, super duper mega transformation of the eyesssss. I posted this just so you guys would know how amazing makeup is. And how it could really enhance our facial features. 

Before I talk about my hair. First, I'm gonna put a list of the makeup products I used  :) 

Face: YSL makeup base
Revlon Photoready liquid foundation
Smashbox concealer
Nyx cream cheek blush
Nars albatross
Nyx glitter cream palette
Eyes: Urban Decay primer potion
Majolica Majorca lash expander
Majolica Majorca eyeshadow (peachy shade with shimmers)
Sleek acid palette (black)
Clarins liquid eyeliner
Clarins pencil eyeliner
Nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk
Dolly wink for bottom and upper lashes (I forgot what's the name of the lash and I am too lazy to find the packing to see what it is)
Lips: Nyx lip liner
Sleek pout paint


And now let's move on to another topic, my new haiirr!
I fckn love my new hair! Ombre pink is soooo lovely, cutey, adorableeeeee. 

I also did a lil bit of experimentation with my hair heeeee heee~
It somehow reminds me of meringue. -_-

hmmmm yummy :3 I'm like craving for this right now. haha 

Anyway, let's go back with the hair. 
This ombre pink hair wasn't really on my plan it's just that.. Once upon a time, I was bored.. Opened my drawer, I was looking for something, but then I found this pink little bottle. 
Then I told myself, "I'm bored, perhaps I should give it a try." lol haha This was my first attempt on applying a pink dye on my REAL hair. I usually put the pink dye on my hair extensions. But this time I apply it on my real hair. So yeaaa. \m/ That's the story. 
The brand of my pink hair dye is Manic Panic in Cupcake Pink. I've been asked a lot about this on my facebook.  

And that's it for now girls ^_^ hope I won't be lazy to update my blog more often. 

PS. Look I have a new banner!! 

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