Fashbook Feature: Behind The Scene

Good day everyone! :) 
Have some great news!!! I'll be featured at GMA news tv, Fashbook show!!! hoorayy!! Still I am overwhelmed :D It was such a rush. My stylist friend, Trisha Jarabelo, called me last Thursday around 6-8pm. She asked if I was free last friday 9am, for a taping because they wanted to feature me on Fashbook!! They asked me to talk about Japanese fashion, kawaii fashion, and show my kawaii closet.
I was like @_@ Howww? Is this even true? loooool.
And of course, I immediately answered YES! Even though I am having doubts, because I am unprepared. I wasn't home yet, so I can't prepare the stuff I need right away. And haven't even had any decent sleep for days. I started packing up my things at 1am. Finished everything at 5am. Also, It rained so hard, and had an urgent errand. Thought I wasn't gonna make it. But yea I still made it to the taping despite of all the hassles. lool I came to the shoot sleepless, empty stomached, and unprepared.. I was so "sabaw" not in good condition. 
And as expected, yea it was not my best T_T I was kinda sabaw answering the questions. I could have done better if only I had a decent sleep. huhu 
I'm kinda afraid to watch the episode. Haha I'm conscious how I'd look like in TV. -_- 
Hope that I won't appear super faaaaaat. I feel so nervous. o_______o I can sense how awkward I am in TV. Not used to filming myself. I am a bit shy when it comes to videos. I don't know why. 

It was really a new crazy experience for me! It was a blast and I had fuuun, even though I am not feeling well. 
I am so thankful for the opportunity :D :D Really, thank you Fashbook team, especially my friend, Trisha Jarabelo! :3 And ofcourse God. Still can't believe that I was the one chosen to be featured. But I feel kinda sad because I didn't give my best shot T_T Anyway, better luck next time perhaps? hehee~ 

So here's some pics I took from my phone wohoooo~

That was my first outfit :) mirror shot foreverrrrrr loool. Everyone was so busy and I was shy to approach them and ask to take a picture for me. -_-

With Vanessa and Leah :D Super love this two lovely girls! New found friendssssss <3
I designed the pink Lolita dress worn by Vanessa. 

Btw, I made my corset top :)

I am so loving the detachable collar! It goes well with my outfit. Should make one for myself!!!

They all loved my shoes! So am I :3 
I felt like Cardcaptor Sakura. lol

The neko earssssss! I'm inloveeeee. I really wanted to buy it, but too bad, not allowed. :( 

With my ever supporting Mom <3 

And my wacky eldest sisterrrr :D

Sorry for the low quality pics. It was only taken from my phone. And I really do apologize for the mirror shots. I am still waiting for the other BTS photos hehee~ will post more when I got the copy. 

Anyway, for those who want to watch. It will be air on GMA news tv, 10pm on Wednesday :) (not so sure about this) Will update if there will be changes. 

PS. Sorry if I'd appear a little sabaw on the TV. :O 


  1. felt the same when i was featured!!! but yeah it was awesome experienced Believed me reallly Magical when your on TV watching yourself... Too funnny but yes consious ... GOOD luck Girl will watch you:) conrats for the features

    1. Hahahaha can't imagine watching myself on TV! That would be awkwardness level 10000000000000! Thank you so much girl <3

  2. Congrats sweetie! ^-^ You look very pretty!


  3. Superb! hahaha. more than two thumbs up for you trisha!


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