Awakened Memories

Thought I had forgotten, but it is still part of me and will always be kept inside me.
I'll be talking about my life before college. And that includes showing all of you how I used to look like :)
I know some were really curious how I look before I dyed my hair blonde, no make up, no fancy clothes and accessories. 

I was a weirdo. Oh yet still I am, but my weirdness became lesser than I used to be. I think? Okay don't know where to start. But here it is.. I have to do this first!

WARNING: LONG POST! I summarized it as much as I can :)

When I was younger, I was like an "untouchable". I was so demure, shy, you would rarely see me talk. My classmates and teachers can't even ask me a favor.. Things like.. Can you get this for me, Can you erase the writings on the board, check this paper, can you make walis the floor. Something like that. I don't know. They are shy to talk to me. And I was shy too. Hahaha! I felt like they're treating me like a baby or a princess. I was with the same situation with my best friend, Franzel. We were the only ones who could understand each other. That's why when another year starts and we're in different class. I would always follow her. I'll ask my mom to talk to the principal and ask them to transfer me at the same class with Franzel. I always do that before highschool. We got separated in high school. :(

When I was in high school, I had this biggest addiction back then. It was online gaming. And yes I was a hell of a hardcore gamer! I was so addicted that no one could even talk to me not even my family, won't go to sleep, sometimes I forgot to take a bath for a day, won't eat, go absent, Etc. Seriously!! I won't let my sisters borrow the desktop computer even they would use it for school purposes. Would rather choose my computer over my family back then. I don't even care about them. Yes I was that selfish :( Spent a thousand bucks for card games. And my face was so ugly with pimples all over it. I don't even know how to comb my hair. Those times were really unhealthy for me. I'm like under the influence of drugs. I was so anti-social. I would do everything just to play my favorite online games! I'm not being exaggerated that's how I used to feel... 

Let me share a funny scenario I can never forget between me and my dad. (He was the one who would always scold me) 

It was 2am in the midnight. I was waiting for everyone to sleep so I could sneak back to the desktop and play my favorite online game. My parents and siblings were already sleeping. So I went downstairs with my ninja walk, still lights off and turn on my desktop. And I started playing my beloved online game.. Thought this will be a happily ever after for me but suddenly...

A few minutes later I heard footsteps towards the stairs and it was my dad!! He was going downstairs! 
I panicked! Didn't know what to do!!
Immediately turned the computer off at the main switch so it would be much faster. I don't know what has gotten into me but I hid under the computer table. Hahaha I was really scared with my dad!!
My dad turn on the lights and saw me under the computer. He asked, "what are you doing under the computer table?"
Me: Uhmm.. I was.. I was looking for my ring. It fell on the ground. I was looking for it!
Dad: With the lights off? Who would look for something with the lights off? 
Me: No.. It fell just... Right now.. Here.. I can totally see it!

HAHAHAHA must have been adrenaline rush. 

Also, my family find me weird. Because I would always laugh infront of the computer! Hahaha I would most probably laugh at random times. It was because I do also have and founded friends online! My online buddiessss!

For my school life?? It was like... My bed time. lol I was known for being such the laziest, tardiest, sleepy person on the class. Most of my teacher would allow me sleep on their class. They don't even mind. But ofcourse there's also this strict teacher that would always send me out when his class is going, because he caught me sleeping on his class once. :O 
I would always go absent.. Never got a complete attendance in one week. Maybe there is.. at least thrice? I guess? Haha! 
And yes I didn't have time to study, review, read my books, do my assignments. But I sometimes do listen on the lectures, and take the quizzes. And that's all I got. Well ehem.. I still belong to the class honour despite with all the wrongdoings I'm into. Well I also thank my super kind, and generous friends and classmates! They would often let me copy their assignment. Hahahaha! 
And when it's dismissal time.. I would hurry back home and ofcourse.. I would immediately turn the desktop on and let the game play again! 

And for my high school love life? hmm didn't get a chance to have one. I did had a crush once but I never told him about that. :-) Ohhhhh. I almost had right after I graduated high school! Almost.. But yea didn't work. Hahaha!

And so how did I suddenly changed? 
  • I learned how to make friends, find more friends, and gain new friends when I got separated with Franzel. This happened to her also. She made lots of friends without me. (when I was first yr high school)
  • I don't actually know how I managed to stop my addiction with online games. Just.. One day I woke up and didn't feel like playing anymore. (late 3rd yr high school)
And with my physical appearance? 
  • I got a new haircut. Painted my nails. Learn how to comb more often. Start looking in the mirror. Bought a good pair of clothes. (4th yr highschool)
  • Dyed my hair blonde right after I graduated high school. Learned how to apply make up. 

The career I'm taking?
I seriously started thinking of a career as fashion designer when I was in 4th yr high school. I wasn't so sure about it at first. But here's a fact.. When I was a young child, like 6-7 yrs old. I was already making my barbie dolls a clothes. Hand sewn, cut fabrics from my actual clothes, curtains, anywhere. Hahaha! I am glad that I am now a fashion design student and graduating! :D 

And oh! My childhood! My childhood was about playing outside. Climb trees. Play piko, chinese garter, 10-20, limbo, mataya-taya, agawan base, langit lupa, etc. Pretend to be one of the cast from totally spies and kim possible, use remote control as a cellphone. Yes I was a wild child! Hahaha but only when I am around with my cousins. Never had a playmate. 

Oh I feel old recalling these things. Times flies really faaaaast! 
But the truth is... This is just the beginning. :)

And hey I haven't even had a boyfriend! like seriously! No boyfriend since birth! Hahaha
Well anyway, I don't care. I'm not even looking for one. I am happy with being single. I am not afraid to be alone. 

  • The online games I played was Ran online, o2jam, audition, and dota
  • The reason why I was making this post is just because I feel like it and I am about to enter the stage of being a young adult. I'm turning 18 on July 16 :-) 

Me when I was still a baby haha 

Elementary days. This is the only picture I got :/ Spot me =)

My good friend. Lei he died a long time ago :( 

Pictures when I was 11-14 yrs old

Graduating High School! Picture with my mom :)

Magazine project for my fourth yr class. Hahaha 

And my super cute nephew arrived!!
Why so cuteeeeee ehhhh?

And that's all! :) 
Congratulations if you managed to read all this until the very end! Hahaha 

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