School projects

Just sharing my last term's final project for Design studio 1. :D 

The movie 'Maleficent' was my inspiration. As you can see, the color palette, theme of the moodboard, and sketches contradicts to Maleficent's personality and physical aspects. That would be because I used abstract approach. I did not use Maleficent herself as my primary inspiration. The fairies got my attention more so yea that explains why I chose these kind of colors on my palette and the silhouttes. Hahaha!

And I also made a mask :3

My Addiction: Kawaii Clay Accessories :3

I was searching for a local shop that sells cute clay accessories and really it was a tough time to find one. I can't find the designs that I want. So what I did is, I just had everything customized. Hahaha yeeeeeeeeeeyyy! Here they are:

My dream unicorn necklace :D Yey finallyyyyyyy! wohoooooooo

Lollipop necklace

Cupcake necklace

C-U-T-E necklace 

CUTE bracelet

Rainbow earrings

Chibi moon earrings

Sailor moon earrings

All the accessories above was made by: Kleyland
Kleyland did a great job on doing the designs I want! I really love them  In fact, I had them make another set of cute accessories again for me ahaha. I'm so exited for it huhuhu  

Unicorn horn!! by Spring Marionette  
This one is my ultimate favorite. The owner of Spring Marionette, Ms. Razel Ann, was super nice. The purple unicorn horn was a freebie Here are the other stuff that spring marionette made for me :D 
Rainbow necklace with chibi moon's face

Be Mine necklace with chibi moon's face

Star rainbow necklace

Wings clip

Lollipop earrings 

Star and moon necklace 

Sailor moon characters bracelet. This was also a freebie from Spring Marionette. So adorableeeeee!!! (๑‵●‿●‵๑) 

And of course, My obligatory selfie wearing these kawaii accessories ✿乂◕‿◕乂

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