Review: Sleek Pout Paint ♥ plus swatches~

I am back with my awesome new lippies   I fell inlove right away when I got to see them online. How would I resist these super pigmented looking lippies? There's no way I would skip buying these lovelies. So, I opted to try it out myself and ordered 5 shades without hesitation. Anyway, bought theme at Makeup Hub. It reminds me of the ever famous OCC lip tars. They had quite the same packaging. But I haven't tried the OCC lip tars. I should get my hands on that product soon so I could compare the difference between sleek pout paint and OCC lip tars. 

From left to right: Peek-a-bloo, Rosette, Mauve Over, Milkshake, Peachy Keen 

Here's a generous swatches for you guys! =)

When smudged:
Sleek pout paint is the bomb! What I super like about this product is you can mix it. Yes, you can play around with the colors. Experimenting is my thing, ya know. :P  That's what makes the product awesome. Plus, It blends perfectly. Just imagine you're mixing some paint. You can create as many colors as you want just be sure you'll choose the right shade. It's absolutely convenient for those who doesn't want to invest much on lipsticks. I would definitely buy all the shades! Especially cloud9 and pin up. I swearrrrrrr.   

Peachy Keen 
Peachy Keen is somewhat in the shade of nude with an orange undertone. Perfect for sporting a natural make up look. But, you can also match it with smokey eyes. I'm 100% sure that I would most likely use this more often. I love using nude lipsticks on normal days. 

It's an adorable peachy pink shade. Perfect for gyaru's out there! 

Mauve Over
The picture doesn't really justify this shade. The purple shade is dominant. But, it's fuschia-ish. Reminds me of Jessie J looool This shade is my most favorite among all the shade I ordered. Been actually abusing this lippy. Haha!

It's a super bright hot pink. like a barbie pink I guess? But I'm not really excited with these shade because i'm a sucker for pink lippies and  I think I already own a lippy with the same shade as this one. 

It's a crazy vibrant blue. I wouldn't absolutely use this alone! It's good for mixing colors. Especially if you find your lippy a litte too yellow, you can neutralize it with these blue undertone. You can also use this one for darkening any shade.  

Obviously, they really are mad pigmented. OMG I'm totally inlove! I'm such a sucker for vibrant lippies. But I wouldn't recommend this for those people who are fond of natural shade. You must keep in mind to apply this with just a little amount. A little goes a long way. I suggest you apply it with a lip brush. I do not suggest this one to be applied with your finger. 

 Here's what I'm using for applying the pout paints =)

Retractable lip brush from Charm pro 21 set

It also does a good job if you talked about the longevity. Yes, the crazy pigmented lippy has an ability to sit on your lips for couple of an hour! Amazing isn't it? Also, it's cheap! I got this for only 9.15 usd. The only thing is... It's not available on our local drugstore. But, not really a problem for me because I'm used with the online shopping process.

And that's all for today. I'll be doing more reviews this coming December. I'm so sorry for the hiatus this November. I was quite busy with my work. and a little bit with school stuffs. and... I just felt like November wasn't my blog month. Hahaha! Anyway, I promise i'll be back and will post more stuffs on December! 

Candy Collection Teaser

Uhuh, you heard it right! "Candy Collection" will be up soon. Launching of the collection will be before November ends or first week of December. I'm hella excited for it! I'll be making my own online shop yey This was actually my initial plan for starting up my own business. *throws confetti

So, let me tell you a little bit about my upcoming Candy Collection. I'm pretty sure you guys already had something in mind when I talked about the color palette for the collection. Obviously the name of the collection itself would already give you an idea. The color palette is wide. Hell yeah it's colorful! Hehee. It's all about shades of pink, baby blue, yellow, purple, orange,and many more! Candy Colors ♥  The style is quite inspired by Japanese street fashion. Gyaru, Lolita, Harajuku but a toned down version. We all know that Japanese fashion may not be wearable at times, and I wanted my collection to be more wearable featuring the Japanese style. OWWEHMM I'm such a spoiler. Haha! That's all the details I can give for now folks! I expressed my love for Japanese fashion in this collection. So be sure that you gals/guys have to check it out once I released it okay? :) 
Anyway, i'm pretty sure that I gave you an impression of "I personally design/made the clothes that were included in the collection". *since I'm a fashion design student* well, It's a no.. I may include some, but majority would be just some of my pre-loved stuffs/never used stuffs stocked in my closet. Hehee~ Ya know I've got lots of new stuffs and my closet were like gonna burst out because it's hella overloaded! So I needed to dispose all the clothes that I'm no longer using. Btw, I'm now working on my personally designed collection. Actually, I've had exposed one of my design that is included with my personally-designed-collection here in my blog. ;) But I won't link it. I'm spoiling too much. lol 

Hope ya'll guys love my upcoming collection. Please support me with these. Hehe 
Thank you~ ♥ 

Shoegasm: Unique heels are my weakness!

I was literally spazzing when I received the shoes I ordered from Asianvogue a few weeks ago? Yea, late post. Anyway, here's my top 2 favorites from Asianvogue:
Inspired by Gianmarco Lorenzi colorful suede. Just look at those 5inches heels! the design of the heels itself made me go "ohlalaa" couldn't resist this awesome heels. So colorful!  reminded me of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" and 2ne1. 
Anyway, the main reason why I bought these pair of shoes is I was going to use it for a dance performance. But... How the hell am I gonna dance with those heels?! unless I'll go suicide. Hmm Yes I do dance. Especially kpop and a bit of hiphop. 

Balenciaga Harness inspired boots. My super favorite! I actually worn this twice. I don't mind wearing this all over again. It goes with any of my outfit. Lovin this boots so much more. 

Louis Vuitton CANCAN shoes fall 2009 inspired shoes. Bought it from Janilyn. So so love the prints and ofc the "ever so unique hour glass shaped heels" 

My weakness is shoes with unique heels! So obsessed with them right now. I'm excited for my 7 pairs of shoes I ordered online. Hoooray! 

Off topic: I'm sorry for the mini hiatus. I was just too lazy to update my blog recently. :| And oh! I'll be changing my layout. Still thinking of a better layout design. I'm back doin graphic stuffs. 
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