Shoegasm: Unique heels are my weakness!

I was literally spazzing when I received the shoes I ordered from Asianvogue a few weeks ago? Yea, late post. Anyway, here's my top 2 favorites from Asianvogue:
Inspired by Gianmarco Lorenzi colorful suede. Just look at those 5inches heels! the design of the heels itself made me go "ohlalaa" couldn't resist this awesome heels. So colorful!  reminded me of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" and 2ne1. 
Anyway, the main reason why I bought these pair of shoes is I was going to use it for a dance performance. But... How the hell am I gonna dance with those heels?! unless I'll go suicide. Hmm Yes I do dance. Especially kpop and a bit of hiphop. 

Balenciaga Harness inspired boots. My super favorite! I actually worn this twice. I don't mind wearing this all over again. It goes with any of my outfit. Lovin this boots so much more. 

Louis Vuitton CANCAN shoes fall 2009 inspired shoes. Bought it from Janilyn. So so love the prints and ofc the "ever so unique hour glass shaped heels" 

My weakness is shoes with unique heels! So obsessed with them right now. I'm excited for my 7 pairs of shoes I ordered online. Hoooray! 

Off topic: I'm sorry for the mini hiatus. I was just too lazy to update my blog recently. :| And oh! I'll be changing my layout. Still thinking of a better layout design. I'm back doin graphic stuffs. 


  1. Wow I love all the shoes!
    The first pair are my favorite!

  2. such a rick kid *.*

  3. wow im in shoe heaven looking at these. how much are the shoes on this website?

  4. @anonymous no i'm not :)
    @xixi thank you!
    @starryeye hehe the price ranges from 23usd-40usd I'm not sure though =)


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