Candy Collection Teaser

Uhuh, you heard it right! "Candy Collection" will be up soon. Launching of the collection will be before November ends or first week of December. I'm hella excited for it! I'll be making my own online shop yey This was actually my initial plan for starting up my own business. *throws confetti

So, let me tell you a little bit about my upcoming Candy Collection. I'm pretty sure you guys already had something in mind when I talked about the color palette for the collection. Obviously the name of the collection itself would already give you an idea. The color palette is wide. Hell yeah it's colorful! Hehee. It's all about shades of pink, baby blue, yellow, purple, orange,and many more! Candy Colors ♥  The style is quite inspired by Japanese street fashion. Gyaru, Lolita, Harajuku but a toned down version. We all know that Japanese fashion may not be wearable at times, and I wanted my collection to be more wearable featuring the Japanese style. OWWEHMM I'm such a spoiler. Haha! That's all the details I can give for now folks! I expressed my love for Japanese fashion in this collection. So be sure that you gals/guys have to check it out once I released it okay? :) 
Anyway, i'm pretty sure that I gave you an impression of "I personally design/made the clothes that were included in the collection". *since I'm a fashion design student* well, It's a no.. I may include some, but majority would be just some of my pre-loved stuffs/never used stuffs stocked in my closet. Hehee~ Ya know I've got lots of new stuffs and my closet were like gonna burst out because it's hella overloaded! So I needed to dispose all the clothes that I'm no longer using. Btw, I'm now working on my personally designed collection. Actually, I've had exposed one of my design that is included with my personally-designed-collection here in my blog. ;) But I won't link it. I'm spoiling too much. lol 

Hope ya'll guys love my upcoming collection. Please support me with these. Hehe 
Thank you~ ♥ 


  1. chix umaasenso aaaa, I want yung corset na tinahi mo! un ibenta mo pls <3 <3 <3

  2. *eyeing that pink dress you're wearing* :3

  3. @elie hahaha yea kelangan nag lelevel up <3 hmmmmmmmmmmmm secret! ABANGAN HAHHAHA

  4. @leny go for it na girl! XDD but just wait for the collection muna so you'll have loads of choices pa. hihi

  5. I just came across your blog for the first time because you commented on mine, and WOW your blog looks AMAZING! and wow your own line launch? I'm really excited to check it out! ^_____^

  6. Can't wait to see your e-business, cutie gal! *u*

  7. @vyvy aw thank you that was so sweet of you <3
    @aya thank you! <3
    @bunny ai yea! coming soon. hihi
    @leon hm yea? obviously? =)


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