Debut of My Own Clothing Line

My self named clothing brand, Trisha Montero, debuted last October 14th 2017. I was invited as a designer at a Lolita event, Lace Up, by The Philippine Gothic & Lolita Community. 
I was surprised when I received an invitation to showcase my collection as my designs are not pure Lolita. But it's definitely one of my inspirations among other things like rococo, fairies, and flowers. I love Lolita so much, but I guess I can't commit to a single style because I'm all about trying out different styles, then mix them with my own brand of kawaii. So even though my style isn't a Lolita purist, I thought that it's the perfect opportunity to show everyone the different styles you can get from Lolita.

I showcased my "Duchesse de Fleurs" Collection. It was the same collection I made 2 years ago for my Graduation Fashion Show. Back then, I didn't had the chance to finish everything because I've always been a procrastinator. So yea, I was really glad that I got invited into a fashion show again to have the chance to finish the collection. But Oooops, I did it again. I wasn't able to finish everything on time. My designs are just too complicated. It cannot be done in just 2 weeks. Why? Because I cram again (I never learn)..  I really need to do something about this bad habit of mine. But hey, I still manage to finish some of the dresses. I'll now have to work on finishing everything. Plus, I'll be adding more pieces from this collection so stay tuned! 

And just a little story before the event. It was so rainy that day and we were so late! We got stuck on a flooded area plus the heavy traffic at EDSA! Which results to having only 1 hour of preparation before the show starts. Me and especially my best friend, main model, Franzel, didn't had the chance to put on a decent makeup and a Marie Antoinette hair. We were also the one dressing up and styling the model. That's also why I really need to have a proper shoot on this collection. And the photos during the event didn't really show the details of the dresses so yea.. But I really would like to thank my best friend big time for being there for me! She's always been willing to lend a helping hand when I'm in trouble. I love you so much my bff, Franzel <3 And to my husband, thank you so much for always believing and supporting me! <3 And of course, to my mother who's always been there to look out for my baby when I need a company.

Anyhow, without further ado, I now present you my "Duchesse de Fleurs" collection.

Photobombing like a pro! hahahaha

I must fix the dress first lol

Me and my bestfriend looking so haggard. Haahaha! So sad she wasn't able to do the Marie Antoinette hair. =(  Also, we didn't have a good solo photo because we don't feel like taking a picture because our hair is a mess hahaha 

And lastly, I'd like to thank The Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community for giving me this wonderful opportunity! I had so much fun meeting people from the Lolita community ^_^ 

Photo Credits: Den Takahara & Niko Shinn

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