Kryolan Makeup Haul+ Etude OMG Trouble Mist

Hello everyone! It has been a very long time since I posted about makeup products, and I kinda missed doing one. So today, I'll be sharing my thoughts on my recent makeup splurges. 

And so this is what I got :D

Kryolan Eye Makeup Sealer, Kryolan TV Paint Stick, Kryolan Anti-shine Powder, and Kryolan Cake Eyeliner.

I've gone crazy about Kryolan products right noow! Like seriously! Their products is just so fucking good!! Well... So far, so good? Hahaha

I was looking for a concealer last week I badly needed one, because my MAC studio finish concealer is about to run out. I just CAN NOT live without concealer. So my very first Kryolan purchase was the TV paint stick. At first, I thought it would just be an ordinary foundation/concealer, because the packaging is boring and ugly. But I'm glad that I was convinced by the sales personnel to try out the testers (Coz I rarely do testing makeup on my actual face, 'em too lazy for that) I quickly fell in love on how it does the job on covering my blemishes and the redness on my face. Without hesitation, I splurged P1250 for a foundation/concealer. Hmm not that bad.... Not yet. 

Then, after days of trying out the paint stick. I got curious if Kryolan's other products are as good as my new favorite one. I searched for their eyeliner reviews online, and I've seen lots of good reviews. So, I went back to their store, and got my hands on the Cake Eyeliner. I'd always go for gel, liquid, or pencil type coz they are much easier to use. So yea, It was my very first cake eyeliner. And it didn't let me down! I quickly fell inlove with the cake eyeliner too. Then, I heard that the cake eyeliner would work better with the help of the eye makeup sealer. So I immediately went back to their store again, and bought the sealer. I haven't tried it though. As well as the anti - shine powder. I can't wait to try them all out! I am planning to do reviews of each products that I mentioned soon. :3 I just need time to try them out first before giving my final take on the products :D

Etude OMG Trouble Mist

My back acne has always been one of my greatest insecurities. I don't even search for a product that could cure it. I always thought it is helpless. So I was kinda helping myself to accept that it's gonna be there forever. Hahaha but then I saw this product. I got attracted by the packaging. Isn't it cute?! But, I didn't bought it at first. I was thinking that it wouldn't work anyway so it would be just a waste of money. But seriously, my bacne really bothers the hell out of meeeee! So I searched for reviews online. And surprisingly, it had a lot of great feedbacks. So I decided to give it a try... I hope this would be the solution for my problem >< I do hopeeeeeeee!  huhu. Will update you guys with this product soon!

So there you go. Man, I missed posting about makeup stuff and doin makeup tutorials. Hahaha 

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