Kawaii DIY accessories (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)Ɔ〰♥

I love DIY's! It saves me money, plus I love customizing. 
I've been doing DIY stuff coz I feel a little more productive recently. So I'll just share some cute accessories I made out of boredom :3

Here are the materials I'm using for this project

The primary material i'm using would be broken/old accessories. Recycling is love 

Here are my favorites :D

I guess my inspiration for this ring would be chibi moon's wand? Hahaha

The wings I used for the chibi moon's wand inspired ring was from this ballpen. lol 

Dangling heart ring 

Loli-decora inspired connector chain ring :D My favorite ♡ 

Heart & flower key chains. 

Pink heart necklace This pendant was from my old headband. 

And that's all for today ♡ ciao~ 

Meet me under shining lights

 Hello! Just sharing another set from the shoot we did last time (click here to view) with my bff, Franzel :D 

Photography: Chi Concepcion

You got the best friends to sing, sing along ♡♡♡

Haven't done this for such a long time! I miss having  photo shoot with friends. 

Photographed by: Chi Concepcion
PP by: me :D
Models: Franzel Singcol and Trisha Perez

It was a fun shoot indeed! ♡ 

Some BTS shots:

Troll face with the photog hahaha

Will post another set from this shoot :D
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