What to do with my hair? :O

Hello Everyone! :D 

Obviously, this post is about my hair again. Haha :)
I wanna change my hair dye. But I still can't decide what color I would do next..
Good thing, photoshop is here to help me! No risk of destroying my hair, save me lots of money from buying expensive wigs just to see if the color works with me. Hahaha So I did an experiment!
 Please help me choooseeeee ⊙﹏⊙ 

                              Dark grayish purple                                                 Lilac
Dark Ash Gray Blonde                                       Light Ash Gray Blonde
                                   Purple                                                             Fuschia Pink
                          Lilac with blue ombre                                    Ash gray with purple ombre 
                              Pinkish Purple                                              Brownish Red


Really sorry for the bad editing. I'm too lazy lol I just wanted to see what color suits me.
So yea. Feel free to comment ◕‿↼ 

Have a great day!

Pastel Goth and Pastel Grunge Fashion

I've been eyeing on these Pastel goth, and pastel grunge style since last year. These 2 subculture(?) really caught my attention. Not quite sure if they really are a subculture, and I don't know if they belong to the "Gothic" subculture. Haven't researched much yet about it. But hell I don't care I just love their styles!! 

Pastel Goth:

Pastel Goth style includes eyeball accessories, pastel hair/wigs, bone hair clips, skeleton hair clips, lolita shoes, unicorns. I can see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Ponponpon in this. lol This style somehow is similar to lolita, but the vibe is more like "cute and creepy".

Pastel Grunge:

Pastel Grunge, on the other hand is more like a matured, sexier, and edgy version of pastel goth. This style completes with leather jacket with studs, PASTEL HAIR, micro mini shorts, creepers, spiked/flowered headbands, inverted crosses, skulls, piercings. This style has similarities to Nu goth. 

Oh well I just love both styles! I'm actually starting filling up my wardrobe with these. Hahaha mostly DIY's :-) hehee~ Will post about it tomorrow :) 
Also, Thinking about dyeing my hair lilac! I just can't help but fall inlove even more with them </3 

2-27-2013 Photoshoot, and my Fashbook feature was aired! :D

 Late post again :) 
Last February 27, my photographer friend, Gm Vivas, invited me for a client shoot. Haha it's been a long time since our last project together. lol 

BTS photos:

Sorry, had to cover my ugly bare face lol 

I made this flower crown on the spot! Hahaha :D 

Testing out the crown. 
Jumpsuit <3

and the beautiful, Maria Tan :D 

This is my fav photo of her's! 

Photographer: Gm Vivas
Model: Maria Tan
Hair and Makeup artist: Trisha Denise Perez :P


And aaaaaaahh! This is it!!!!!! lol. My fashbook feature was aired! 

OMG my arms T_T It looks fat on TV. But I swear, it doesn't look like that in actual. I lose weight na~ 
 Solenn Heusaff was originally the host for Fashbook, but Jinri Park was the guest host for the segment. :) She's so pretty, sexy, tall and fair! 

me wearing the detachable collar. 

Hahahaha! This was aired on GMA News TV, 10pm. Honestly, never got the chance to watch myself. loooool I wasn't home again. Hahaha. But it's alright. I guess it would be uploaded online eh~? lol 

Click here for BTS photos :)

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