What to do with my hair? :O

Hello Everyone! :D 

Obviously, this post is about my hair again. Haha :)
I wanna change my hair dye. But I still can't decide what color I would do next..
Good thing, photoshop is here to help me! No risk of destroying my hair, save me lots of money from buying expensive wigs just to see if the color works with me. Hahaha So I did an experiment!
 Please help me choooseeeee ⊙﹏⊙ 

                              Dark grayish purple                                                 Lilac
Dark Ash Gray Blonde                                       Light Ash Gray Blonde
                                   Purple                                                             Fuschia Pink
                          Lilac with blue ombre                                    Ash gray with purple ombre 
                              Pinkish Purple                                              Brownish Red


Really sorry for the bad editing. I'm too lazy lol I just wanted to see what color suits me.
So yea. Feel free to comment ◕‿↼ 

Have a great day!


  1. Ash Gray with Purple ombre! :D

  2. Lilac with blue ombre ;)

  3. Hi miss trisha! How did u manage to lose some weight? I noticed that u have slimmed down and was wondering if u used any slimming products? Pls share ur beauty secret T.T ive been dying to drop some weight. Thanks!

    1. No. Didn't use any. I managed to lose lots of weight when it wasn't plan. Hahaha when I was on a diet that was the time my body won't cooperate, don't lose weight. So I gave up on it but I don't know it just happened. Well actually, I think it has to do with the stress. Also, I became so busy playing an online game so I tend to forget to eat, and oh I'm also sleep deprived. :)My slimming down process wasn't healthy. So I wouldn't suggest you to do the same. Hahaha! This actually lead me to being an anemic and low blood pressure.

  4. Lilac with blue ombre is amaaaazing!

  5. I'm a fan of the dark ash gray blonde! I think it's such a cool color and I think it would suit you well!

  6. "Cool post!
    Much love,
    "Loved this blog post <3


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