2-27-2013 Photoshoot, and my Fashbook feature was aired! :D

 Late post again :) 
Last February 27, my photographer friend, Gm Vivas, invited me for a client shoot. Haha it's been a long time since our last project together. lol 

BTS photos:

Sorry, had to cover my ugly bare face lol 

I made this flower crown on the spot! Hahaha :D 

Testing out the crown. 
Jumpsuit <3

and the beautiful, Maria Tan :D 

This is my fav photo of her's! 

Photographer: Gm Vivas
Model: Maria Tan
Hair and Makeup artist: Trisha Denise Perez :P


And aaaaaaahh! This is it!!!!!! lol. My fashbook feature was aired! 

OMG my arms T_T It looks fat on TV. But I swear, it doesn't look like that in actual. I lose weight na~ 
 Solenn Heusaff was originally the host for Fashbook, but Jinri Park was the guest host for the segment. :) She's so pretty, sexy, tall and fair! 

me wearing the detachable collar. 

Hahahaha! This was aired on GMA News TV, 10pm. Honestly, never got the chance to watch myself. loooool I wasn't home again. Hahaha. But it's alright. I guess it would be uploaded online eh~? lol 

Click here for BTS photos :)


  1. you look great <3 I miss your tsubasa bangs hehehe congrats! sayang wasn't able to watch it

    1. Thank you!! Hehehe kahit ako hindi ko rin napanuod eh. lol hahaha. yea I miss my fringe din </3 Maybe I should cut my fringe ulit. :)

  2. I think you arms looked fine! Your outfit looked adorable too from what I can see. Very cute :D

    1. Fat arms T_T anyway, thank you! :D :D


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