Mythical Metaphor

Hello dolls! :-) I'll be making a big announcement today!

Finally created my online shop! Hooooraaaay 
I love the name of my shop! What do you think about the logo? Is it okay or should I change it? Suggestions are welcome >:D<

I was about to name the shop as "Paradise". Basically, just adopting the name of my blog. I cannot think of other names. Hahaha I'm so sabaw. But, I'm not satisfied with it. It's kinda plain. I want the name to be "the bomb" and wanted it to give some Oomphh! I'm no good at brand names. So, I seek for help. Lucky me! my friend, Innah (click the link! visit her blog) was there to save my life! She suggested so many good brand names but there's only one that catches my ears and nerves, and that's none other than, Mythical Metaphor ♥ 

Unique, Intriguing, Conceptual, Mysterious, Surreal , Magical. 
Those words reflects what the brand is all about. Also, Trend Rebel is the key word. I refuse to go with the flow of the fashion cycle and dare to stand out of the crowd. Dig that? Then, Mythical Metaphor is Your Pixiecal Paradiso. 

Here's another teaser for "Candid Candy" collection. I've been mentioning that a lot on my previous post and I did post the first teaser here
 "Candid Candy" collection to be released on 4th of February 2012. ♥ 

Models: Franzel Singcol, Erina Cruz and yours truly, Trisha Denise Perez
Photo: GM Vivas, Trisha Perez

I mentioned on my post here that the clothes I'll be selling are my pre-loved stuffs, never used clothes, and a few pieces of my personal design. 
Honestly, the main reason why I'm gonna put them on sale is because I want to gain space on my closet. Hahaha! My closet is really bursting out because I have so many stuffs. So there, I didn't design majority of the clothes. I just include 3-5 pieces of my design. Hehehe

I'll do better on the next collection, I promise :-) I'll personally design all the clothes that will be included. ♥  

Anyway, here's the link of my newly created facebook online shop:
Please do add :p
I'm also doing a multiply online shop for Mythical Metaphor. It's still under construction so I won't link it. I'm still reviewing css and html for the layout. FSDGSG ***MAJOR INTERNAL BLEEDING OCCURS.

And that's all for today earthlings! I'm gonna prepare for my makeup stuffs because I have a client today :-) 

It's about time to use my second name! =)

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  1. etude house products seem to be really nice, unfortunatly this brand doesnt exist in France u_u


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