1/25/12 Photoshoot *teaser

Finally did a decent photoshoot for the bridal gown I made for my sewing 3 finals. 
Here's some raw photos from our shoot earlier :) 

The model looks so beautiful. You gotta agree with me. Haha! She has the angelic face. 

Ohhhsophisticated :-)

Cool shot classmate. Hahaha! 

Here's some BTS out takes:

Busy bee make up artist/ hair stylist/ designer: Trisha Denise Perez. Hey that's me loooool

with the models and stylist. OMG I do apologize for my face. I look ugly on the photo. Haggard loook.

Will release the photos soon as the photographer uploaded it :-) Yey! cheers for the team. Thank you so much. I really had a great time. 


  1. Omg the bridal gown looks so great!! Love it!! *o*
    And I don't think you're uggly!! O.o you're cute!

  2. I really love the design you made for this ensemble. Amazing it really is! :)

  3. i agree!!! the gown is so nice!!!^^ love it!


  4. Thank you! I'm glad you girls appreciate my work <3

  5. the gown <3



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