Happy New Year everyone! Welcome 2012

Hi, Hello everyone! =)

Happy New Year! hm yea I'm 3-4 days late. But it's still better late than never right? 
Ohyeaaa welcome 2012! I'm wishing and hoping that 2012 will be good to me. <3 

Let me share some random photos taken before my 2011 ends.
It's very easy to spot me because of my blonde hair lol Nice view isn't? This was taken somewhere at Pangasinan, Philippines. Hundred Islands I guess? not sure. lol
Hello my cutie nephew ;) *squish squish squish. He's the cutest living creature I've ever seen!

I like this better on blur. Fats are reduced/removed on blurred photos. lol really?
O MY this is too front view like eww! how do I look without the fringe? Hahaha ridiculous, I know. 

Just nobody but me forever camwhoring. lol I used to believe that wearing red on meeting New Year's eve is lucky. So, I put on red lipstick, red nail polish and wear red undergarment...

But then I found out red isn't lucky for 2012. 2012 lucky colors are yellow, blue, green, and white. Haha! I immediately changed my red lipstck to blue. =) Anyway, no harm trying and believing right? Also, I did changed my outfit to yellow HAHAHA 

Hm yes, my hair is lighter because I had it bleached. It's just the base coat though. I'm getting ready for my new look. 

Ohwell.. Goodluck! Hoping that 2012 would be a blast!

My sis, Alek the cutest and me greeting Happy New Year!!!! Welcome 2012 <3

Anyway, today I'll be talking about the never ending topic when New Year comes around. Of course, it would only be about... New Year's Resolution. Hahaha!
I honestly don't want to discuss my New Year's Resolution because I just might end up ruining the plan and breaking my promises. But okay since everyone's discussing about their new year's resolution.. I'll go with the flow and share mine :)  

1. Avoid Absences 
2. Spend less time on the internet
3. Save money
4. Be friendly
5. Blog more often
6. Create lookbook account
7. Lose weight
8. Avoid procrastination
9. save money
10. lose weight

HAHAHAHAHAHA that's all folks! ;)

Offtopic: I'm loving my new look! <3 I'll upload picture on my next post. Hehe~ 

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