Late post: Barbie Pink Wonderland + Fierce Leopard themed photoshoot

Warning: Picture heavy!

Photography/ Makeup/ Styling all by me (Trisha Perez)
Models: Anne Camille Macaraig and Angel Macaraig

All the clothes, shoes and wigs worn on the "Barbie Pink Wonderland" is provided by yours truly. 
Wohoooo yes I did, yes I did took all those photos! Haha! What was that supposed to mean? From makeup artist, designer, graphic artist. I now invading the world of photography? Yes I really wanted too! If given a chance then why not! I'm eager to learn everything and anything that is related to fashion. I know, my shots is not good, I admit that. This was actually my first attempt at being a photographer to a certain photoshoot. It was quite challenging for me because I was doing all the job. (except for the modelling lol) I want to study photography too! lol I can't seem to balance all my interests. Well maybe I'll just pursue studying photography when I finished my Fashion Design course... Though I'm still not sure. Hahaha! bahala na.
Well I did had a lot of fun! The concept "barbie" is really really really my style. Also, the models were my cousin so bonding time na din. ;) 

Anyway, the clothes they wore on the "Barbie Pink Wonderland" is included on my upcoming "Candy Collection". Ohhh I did mention on my previous posts that I'm gonna release the collection on the last week of November or first week of December. T_T But I can't. I was so busy with school stuffs lately so I didn't have much time to work with my collection. So yea, Maybe I would release that on the first week of January or late December. I've been receiving messages asking if the "Candy Collection" did come out already. I'm really sorry for the delay guys. I promise I'm gonna work with that on my Christmas vacation. ;)

Wohooo Christmas is coming! I should look for my ninang, ninongs, tito and tita's bwahahah
Happy Holiday ya'll! 



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