My unconditional love for CRAZY HEELS!

Welcome to my shoe collection my new babies! 

DAS 22 Black heel less (limited edition)

Hooray I got another pair of heel less shoes! This was my 2nd purchase for a heel less. But I still wanted to add more on my collection. I really like everything about this shoes. The details of design, materials, and of course the heel less itself.

DAS 24 Spikey heels 

I'm so gonna wear this thing while partying Hahaha ohwell, you know who to blame when the dance floor gets flooded by blood. *evil. Now I know what to do when some bitches wants to mess with me. I'm a killer in a fabulous way :P Perhaps I can use this as a self defense weapon. Ohhh like seriously? 

DAS 16 Red Bandage Wedge

 I'm such a sucker for red heels. That's probably the main reason why I'm so inloved with this pair. But I also have to admit that the texture of the material that was used is love love love! combination of a fine suede and chiffon.. It feels like heaven lol  Plus, it's hybrid! I mean, you can style it in so many ways. The picture I took doesn't actually show the "extension of the chiffon thing". Hahaha I don't know if you get what I mean. You can criss-cross this "chiffon thing on your leg. Holy crap! I just can't seem to explain it properly. I'm really sorry. Maybe I'll just take a picture of what I'm trying to explain instead. lol 

 Unique, insane, killer, hell shoes, weird, awesome, Yea say whatever you want to say but you can't deny that these shoes are to die for!! 
I've always been attracted to odd stuffs. So, who am I to ignore these one of a kind shoes? I'm like the person who always wanted to step out of the comfort zone. Anyway, I bought them all at DAS. If you're a shoeholic like me, do not hesitate to visit their site. I swear, all the seconds in browsing their site is totally worth it. It'll be like a shoe paradise <3

And waaaaaa I'm torn between which pair of shoe I would wear on the event I'm gonna attend on Saturday. I'm excited to wear all of them! Can I wear them all at the same time?! lol 

PS. I'm not paid for these. I just wanted to share my thoughts about the shoe paradise experience of mine. And oh, I'm finally back bloggin!


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