Once upon a shoe ♥

Hello! I'll be talking about shoes again. I'm pretty sure you guys noticed that my recent posts are mostly about shoes. Oh I just realized.. it's been so long since I posted about makeup stuffs. It's because I've become more addicted to shoes than makeup recently. Haha :-)
Anyway, I just wanted to share my recent Asianvogue shoe shopping haul. 

Charlotte Olympia Martha inspired Wedge
I really do believe in love at first sight. I went crazy when I got to see this pair of shoes. Just look at the design of the wedge. It's hell of a gold stripes. Woaaa I love gold! I'm also diggin the tassel shoe lace. And the material used is like a velvet. I love everything about this wedge. 

Leopard Wedge
I've been also so addicted with leopard prints recently. I find leopard prints so fierce and sexy! But, I don't feel anything special with this wedge, except for the fact that it has leopard print. Probably because the heels is not that high. Haha  I don't really like heels that goes beyond 5 inches. *because i'm short :/ 
and prolly because it's "in" with the fashion trend now. I'm not really a trend follower. So yea, there's nothing really special but overall, the wedge is okay. 

Pink Doc Martens inspired Boots
 I honestly don't even know why I bought these. Oh! I remember.. I was supposedly going to use this for our kpop dance performance. lol Anyway, Doc Martens boots is also one of today's ongoing trend. But just like the leopard wedge. I don't feel anything special since I'm not a trend follower. 

Black Suede Pumps
And this one falls under classic. I had to get myself a pair of these shoes! Honestly, I haven't own a single pair of plain pumps. hmm I think I do have. But.. it's pink. Anyway, so yey! I finally had a plain suede black pumps. I'll probably abuse this one because the color is neutral and it goes with any outfit :)

I bought all the shoes at Asianvogue. It's actually one of my favorite online shops. The seller is kind plus the products are good!

OFFTOPIC: I'm currently working with my sewing 3 finals. Will be making a bridal gown. Yes! you heard it right. I'm gonna sew a bridal gown. That sounds scary. But, I can do this! I'm so excited to see the outcome. Definitely gonna blog that once I finished sewing it. 


  1. Omg omg, I think I have a crush on the first pair of shoes ^^ The design is just so pretty !
    And I really like the pink doc martens lookalike shoes ~
    Fighting for your bridal gown ! I'm looking forward to see it ^^

  2. Omg I love the shoes! I love statement shoes haha.
    You have been getting a lot of shoes lately haha xD :)

  3. trisha unnie! i really really love your blog! ♥
    can i just ask, how do you store all your shoes? O.O you have like a gazillion of them! xD

    Good Luck on your bridal gown. I know you can do it unnie! :">

  4. @tommy thank you! ^_^
    @banny haha i know right =))
    @ayadazo wow thank you ^_^ hmm I have my own cabinet for them but unfortunately it can't carry all my shoes. So what I did is, I always keep the shoe box with me then yea just stock the shoe inside the box. haha


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