My New Look for 2012 ♥

I usually do change my hair dye/ hairstyle when another year comes.. Honestly, I do change my hair twice, thrice, four times and more a year. Haha! I'm always up for trying out different stuff so here's how my hair comes out:

The Forced Smile Dilemma

Sorry for the crappy photo this was taken right after my hair was dyed, and I'm not in the mood to take pictures. lol My only intention is to show how the color of my hair did came out. So, please... Pardon the face Hahaha

Yes, it's 2 toned. The left side is blonde, and the right one is ash blonde. ;) Oh! I had my hair trimmed too. It's shorter now. Bra length I think.


Holiday is over. That only means... Back to school ;( I wish my vacation was longer. I still don't feel like going to school. 
Yesterday was supposedly my first day of 2012 in school. But luckily, my professor isn't around. Haha 
Wish granted! My vacation was extended by one day. lol 
Anyway, It's been so long since I posted some outfit post so here... 

White Fringe Top: Fashion Galore | Printed Orange Skirt: I made it | Leopard Print Bag: "padala" from my aunt from Germany | Wedge: Parisian

Ohyea. Just look at how much weight I gained. I'm so fat. If you'll compare it from my past pictures there's really a huge difference T_T I'm so stressed dealing with this fat body of mine. It really affects me emotionally and of course, physically. I look down when I walk outside. It really do affect my confidence. I feel so ugly now. Just look at those flabby thighs and cheeks.. as well as my tummy and arms. I sometimes feel like crying especially when my clothes doesn't fit me any longer. I will really, really.. Try my very best to lose some weight. I'm hoping that I could get back in shape before January ends. I'm seriously serious this time. I'm starting to implement my strict diet. I'm no longer eating rice. Bohoo I just wish that I can also prevent myself from eating sweets. Well I thank the presence of heels for making my legs look longer and thinner but it's fat in reality. Swear. 
Anyway, that's all for now folks. Wish me luck for my goal. 


  1. You are soo pretty! and I loved your shoes and purse *____* <3 <3
    and don't worry everyone gains weight in the holidays, you'll lose it by February XD. But you don't look bad :D so don't feel fat cause there are people that would kill to have your body! :)

  2. wow you look cool in the pics >3

  3. I absolutely LOVE the hair!! such a cool look. and your outfit rocks!!! thanks for following my blog, i'm following yours now too =) I look forward to reading your posts!

  4. @ninoshka
    aw thank youu <3 I feel so ugly because of my fat cheeks they look so eww. XD Well yea hopefully I'd lose them by February. >.>
    thank you :D
    @makeup majesty
    thank you <3 hehe no problem. looking forward on yours too :)

  5. Aw I love the twotone hairstyle gorgeous <3 And nice outfit! Good luck hehe *w*


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