Couture Bridal Gown in the making

The semester in my school is about to end. That sounds really good. REAL GOOD. But..
We all know that there's such thing as "finals" aka "hell week" before semester ends. Here's where procrastinating, cramming, pressure, stress, zombie face, going to school without any makeup on is so mainstream. That's the scenario I've been seeing in my school for the last few days. I'm fortunate enough not experiencing that this term. That's because...... nevermind. Hahaha! 

Anyway, I'm currently working on my couture bridal gown for Sewing 3 finals. That sounds scary. Just hearing the "couture" word makes me say "$**@%#%#fck I can't do this" Haha don't get me wrong. I have faith with my sewing skills. I'll do whatever it takes just to finish that damn couture bridal I'm excited with the outcome. 

Sweetheart neckline 

Unfinished corset top. It still looks weird but I'll work on it. Oh gadd I hate how it looks so shiney on picture. But I swear, it isn't shiney on the actual. The fabric I used is Taffeta covered with Chiffon. >.> 

Some materials that I'm going to use.

I won't reveal my sketched design for this project now. I'll post it soon~ 
 will also share some of the projects I've made for sewing 3 on my future posts.

Okay, it's time for my outfit of the day!
Top: Bazaar somewhere I forgot | Shorts: Market Market tiangge | Bag: Marithe Francois Girbaud 

I'd go for comfy clothes every Friday because I have my sewing class. I need to move freely so as to do my thing. 

Just so you know, I don't go by the name of the brand. I'm not a brand conscious girl when it comes to clothing. I even go shopping at thrifted shops. :) 

Also, here's my eye makeup of the day!

It's just simple, I don't even have any eyeshadow on. Just intense application of mascara for bottom lashes. 

Hey I miss doing this! :-)
Posting vanity pictures HAHAAHAA

I feel like Gaga with these glasses on! **Paparazzi days

The Bitch Face

My 2 toned hair isn't that visible. It somehow looks like it isn't 2 toned >.> I think I'm gonna have to darken the right side. Oh yea I will..


  1. o.O can't wait to see the dress after its done<3

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  2. lovely glasses ^^ nice blog ! :) I follow u!


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