Shopping Haul ♥

 I was so bored today. So, I went shopping alone. I love shopping therapy.

Here's the items I bought today :)
 Stuffs from Etude House. 

 Dual Fibre brush and Multi purpose eye shadow brush from Etude House

 This one is cute!! I had no choice but to buy it. Are you guys familiar with beauty blender? Yea, it's like a dupe but this one has different shape. I can't wait to try it! :)

Pink flamingo brow shaper. It's so cute and cool at the same time. I'm so loving this thing!

 The sales lady told me that this stippling brush is very comparable with Mac's with a much cheaper price. I really love using stippling brush for applying liquid foundation. It gives a airbrushed finish. But I still cannot find a good one. I want to try out Mac's but then I realized that It won't be practical for me to invest for a expensive single brush. My stippling brushes is ok (charm pro, doll face) But they bleed! I hate washing them because it bleeds a lot. So I am really hoping that this one won't disappoint me. We'll see. 

Kudos to SM Southmall for the paper packaging. No more plastics!  But, I heard that not all Sm branches use the same packaging. Some of the branches still uses plastics. I hope that they will implement the paper packaging in all of their branches. 

 Marrionnaud brushes

Whitening products! Hahaha I want my skin to become whiter. I'm so tan now. I'm missing my semi fair complexion. 

Nose pore strip 

and this very beautiful bag :) I love it's vintage-ish prints.

That's all folks. :D Will prepare makeup stuffs for tomorrow's shoot. Will be doing HMUA for ad again. Thank you lord ::)


  1. Have you used those whitening products before? :)
    I also got so tan now, there is literally a line on my upper arm outlining a t-shirt, and the outer side of my arms are waay darker than the inner side, which also got its fair share of tan :(( and my legs, let's not even...

    So I've been looking for good whitening products that actually work, because all I see are for the face, which isn't what I need.
    So I wanted to ask if you can recommend any effective whitening products for the whole body,and how long it takes to whiten and how white? :)


  2. @dollyeverafter
    hmm no. it's actually my first time to try out whitening products since I don't care that much on my skim complexion. But, now I got so conscious on my looks. haha
    Anyway, I do research before I buy these whitening products. Especially the olay one. And I heard so much good feedbacks about it. So I can't wait to try it out! :) it's only for the face tho. For the body, I think a whitening soap will help. I just don't know which brand is best since I haven't tried them. But I am hoping that the lotion I bought will be effective. I'll blog about it when I try it out. :D

    1. I see, it's usually for the face isn't it T.T
      Hmmm, a whitening soap.... I never tried that :D

  3. Such nice buys!
    haha the brow shaper is so cute!

  4. Great buys! I love the vintage style trunk case - so cute! The beauty sponge you got looks like a pretty good dupe for the beauty blender :)

    Thanks so much for following my blog! I really like your blog design and your gyaru style posts; I just followed your blog too ^^

    1. Thank you! <3 yes it looks the same but I haven't tried it actually. =)

  5. hi! can I ask where did you bought the vintage bag? thanks!<3


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