K-Palette real lasting eyeliner 1 day tattoo + Diamond Lash Sweet Eyes

I've always been curious with this k palette 1 day tattoo. The name of the product itself sounds promising "1 day tattoo" so I decided to grab one. I bought the limited edition. It's so cute and pink overload. The normal one has different packaging. It's just a plain boring black liquid eyeliner. 

It comes with this "Beautiful Girl" CD. But I'm not really familiar. I don't even know who's the girl in the CD. 
I bet she's a singer from japan. Well I was just stating the obvious haha 

I'll make a review soon for this eyeliner! I had this feeling that this eyeliner works the same as Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner. 

I also bought Diamond Lash Sweet Eye. It's for bottom lashes. So gorgeous isn't it? I can't wait to try them on! I'll also make a review for this product anytime soon. 

Bought Porsche Perfume for my Dad! His birthday is coming. He'll turn 47 on October 25 so I had to buy for a present :) Hope he'll like my present for him. 

I bought my k palette eyerliner and Diamond Lash at Geisha's Secret. They send me a super cute freebie! It's a mechanical pencil with a bubble gum color. So cute! And I'm actually in need for a new mechanical pencil. Good thing I got this as a freebie! I really do recommend this online shop if you're looking for Japanese cosmetics. The seller is so kind :-) 


  1. I heard good reviews about the eyeliner, but I would not buy because I don't really like liquid liners lol.
    I'd love to try a pair of diamond lashes!
    They look so pretty on lol.

  2. Hehee I love liquid eyeliners since it is capable of producing precise lines :) Go ahead! it's a must try. It's definitely worth it :)

  3. awesome stuff! even though i never use liquid eyeliner xD (becuz it always smudges = =) this one looks really nice :3 and ah i really want to buy diamond lashes, but they are so expensive ; -;

  4. You should try dollywink. it's good. it doesn't smudge and it lasts the whole day :)))))) Yes diamond lashes is loveeeeeee <3 But yea, quite pricey but definitely worth it. XDDDDD


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