Trisha starts with letter T as in TARDY/ TARDINESS/ TARDIEST/ TAMAD

I was so tardy recently......... Uhm, okay I'll be honest.. not really recently. Haha! This has been my problem like forever. I don't always feel like going to school. Been like this since Elementary! don't actually know why. It's just that when I wake up in the morning, I can't get up! and ended up being absent or late because I'm too lazy to get my ass outta my hella magnetic bed. I think it's about time to change since I'm college now. My school is quite strict. Well all college schools/universities is very particular with attendance. Maximum of three absence is only allowed. If you go beyond that then you will be automatically dropped. And now my status in all of my subjects is...... *drum rolls***
I got three absences in all my subject this term! BWAHAHA I'm such a "super student" That's how lazy I am!! Hate myself for being such a lazy-assed. Must find way on how to dramatically change my lifestyle. I must tell you this.. My mind set goes like this.. "If I don't feel like it, you cannot do anything about it." such a stubborn girl huh. But that's how I am. I know, if I continue being like this it may hinder chances or opportunities. O___O
Seriously, I will really try my best to change for the better this time! *GOODLUCK 
I'll sleep early than usual starting tomorrow. Spend less time surfing the net. Get up from the bed quickly. What else? hmmmmm Alright, I think it's time to change the topic! Hahaha

My outfit for today.
Cropped tank top/ tube for inner wear/ leopard high waisted skirt/ Balenciaga inspired heels from Asianvogue
I actually had blazer on but I just removed it because the weather was hot.
*I'm so fat! Need to go diet!

Some of my friends from SoFA poses for the camera :-)
Nicky Ku 

Jessie Kairuz

Kc Cruz

the girls abusing my photography skills HAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol I kid! I kid!

This shot still looks cute even though it's blurred. I'm sure Nicky will love this because we looked so damn thin! Just look at the legs. Stickkkkkk

And our legs without the blurry effect. uhmmm I say fat HAHAHA

My ticket for PFW scheduled for today. My mom and I was supposedly gonna attend this event today but we didn't make it on time. We're late so we just decided not to go. We'll watch the show on Friday instead. 

Did this make up after class because we were supposdly gonna attend the show right. So I added a dramatic eye makeup. But yea, unfortunately my effort on changing my eyemake up is useless LOL 

Alright, that's all for today. It's already 3am. I need to go to sleep I still have morning class later. Haha! I'll try not to be late swearrrr :p 


  1. You all look lovely :)

    Good luck on learning not to be late...I'm late for everything, I'm known for it, and I've never managed to stop even at 25!x

  2. thank you! same here :/ but i'm trying to change XDD


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