Kill me with these shoes!

My addictions:
1st = Make up
2nd = Shoes with killer heels

I just realized that I haven't mentioned here in my blog the most dangerous/killer shoes I got so far. Been receiving tons of questions regarding this controversial shoes. 

I pre ordered this pair of shoes online from dasmyshoes. I supposedly had to wait for 3-4 weeks for the order to be processed. But then I found out that the shop is going to join a bazaar at Rockwell tent. So I immediately asked the owner, Ms. Sureen, If there will be a stock for the shoes. And luckily, she answered yes! I was so excited to death and personally picked it up from the bazaar. I'm lucky because I do not have to wait for 3-4 hell weeks. 

I don't really wanted to reveal how much it cost me to buy these shoes but I've been receiving messages asking "where and how much". So here it is.. I got these shoes for 5,500php/128usd. quite pricey but it's undoubtedly worth it! 
These shoes may looks like you're gonna fall anytime when you wore it, but absolutely NO. It's unbelievably comfortable! It's the same feeling as you're wearing a wedge. I can actually wear this shoes all day long. But uhm it's a lil heavy.

Hello gorgeous shoes! you're mine now <3 
I'll post picture wearing these killer shoes soon :)

 And some other shoes I got recently.
I'm also inlove with these pair of shoes. So cute! I'm so attracted with the flag trend Hehee

I'm disappointed with these shoes. It looks quite dirty and ridiculously dry. The material that was used is like a cheap felt paper. Seems like it would tear up easily like a felt paper and feels like the color is gonna bleed anytime. It's so rough and it easily traps dirt. Well you can clearly see it on the picture. Bought these shoes + flag shoes at TLC Forfashion.

Yey! Some of the shoes I ordered from Asianvogue finally arrived! I'm still waiting for 3 pairs. 

I told you, my second addiction is SHOES with killer heels.


  1. love the shoes!!!! really pretty!!

  2. Boys are like shoes...
    You can never have to many! :)

    I absolutely love your different addictions trisha unnie. ^^

  3. @jess
    hehehe yes they're really pretty :)))))
    Agree! Hehee thank you. But I always hurt my wallet because of my addiction :/ T_T I need to go to rehab hahaha lol kiddin
    thank you I also super love the red killer shoes =)))

  4. iloveit sis! haha~ ♥
    gusto ko ung parang platform shoes sa huli~ mala 2ne1 dating! ung pang apat. haha cute!

  5. @victoria
    yes it's really pretty! =)
    yup haha parang 2ne1 nga dun sa i am the best haha parang may suot silang gnyn eh

  6. oooh. we have the same addiction :DD

  7. Hehe who could resist those pair of shoes dbaaa :)))

  8. i want them all!!loving your style!following you.:)


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