Dana and Annika Ad Photoshoot + BTS

I was invited again to do a hair and makeup for Dana&Annika Ad photoshoot. Let me share a little background(?) or more like.. information about the brand. It's a kid clothing line available in local department store here in Philippines. Particulary, Sm department store. 

I'm quite excited about this shoot because it was actually my first time to work with a kid model. It was fun indeed. I'm pretty sure you all have an idea how I super love cute stuffs (judging by the name of my  blog&pink layout) That's why I really enjoyed the set. Plus, the kid model is super adorable. She's just too cute isn't it? =) 

Time for BTS!!

 Photog and director teaching the model a muscle pose(?) :) 

Some of the clothes she wore during the shoot. So cuteee!

BWAAHAHA! Me with the giant dog I've ever seen in my entire whole life. Oh well, the dog is actually taller than me when it stand. K I know, I'm so petiteeeee hohoho 

Oh and! Special thanks to Nicky Ku and to the team :) 

That's all! :) Next post: Remy Martin Campgain Ad

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