OOTD + make up look

Baggy top/dress - I got it from random online shop. I totally forgot the name of the site. 
Laced up boots - SM department store, Parisian
Shiny bag/gaga-ish - thrifted :D
Star & robot ring - Trinoma, Pop Culture
Necklace - Landmark
Bangles - SM department store
Spikey choker used as headband - K2

Glitter eye makeup + nude lips 

Face: Revlon Photoready liquid foundation
Cinema Secret concealer
Candy Doll loose powder
Cheeks: The Face Shop Illuminating cushion blusher
Eyes: Dior glitter eyeshadow 
NYX glitter cream eyeshadow palette
Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on pencil
Candy doll liquid eyeliner
Estee Lauder MagnaScopic mascara
E.L.F. false lashes
Nichido false lashes
Lips: Revlon Colorbust Soft nude (my fav!)
YSL golden gloss 42
Contact lens: Party lense Hanabi gold from Japanesecandy

and that's all for today! Ohyea! \m/ I'm done reposting my old blog post from my tumblr to my blogspot account.*throws confetti
Next thing to do: make my own layout, review html codes!
TRIVIA: I was once a friendster layout artist. went crazy self studying how html,javascripts etc works, and now it's all gone!! yeahh ALL GONE! so I had to review.*nosebleeds while reading html codes lol
K, how on earth am I gonna do my own layout w/o photoshop?! haven't installed photoshop on my loptop :/


  1. love the curl gawa ka video panu gawa nun :D

  2. "twintwin said...
    love the curl gawa ka video panu gawa nun :D"

    Thank you! ^_^ Hehe I'll try!! haha I'm so shy eh~

  3. i want curls video tutorial too!

    at, tagal na kita inaabangan gamitin yang pink dye na yan >:)

  4. @jeniffer thank you ^_^
    @elie waaaaaaa shy eh :< haha! yeaa soooooon! kapag nagkaron ako time na mag dye ng hair :))))))

  5. Reading this in 2017! Gosh, you're a vampire! How did you stop ageing? Pretty!!��


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