Kar's 18th Birthday, fashion show

First and foremost, I just wanted to greet my friend Kar.. Happy 18th birthday! Thank you for the party last night :)

Here are some pictures. I wasn't the one who took the pictures. It was my friend Nicky :) Thank you for the blurred pictures! Hahaha! Just kiddin :P



and that's me! didn't expect that I will be included in the models. One of the models had to leave early. So, they told me to replace her. I was surprised. I don't know what to do.. but, I had no choice >.< Anyway, it's okay. Experience! LOL


and the most beautiful lady last night <3 <3 Happy Birthday again Kar!

with my sofa girlies <3 
Unfortunately, I had to leave early because of my parents T_T grr! It sucks. I really wanted to stay late!

I was assigned to do the make up of the the models together with my partner Xaxa.
Thank you again Nicky for the pictures!

Here's some pictures. 


Had to cover my face because I looked so freakin wasted!

Theme: Black & Silver
here's my outfit last night :)

Black Dress - Forever21
Heels - People are people
Accesories - Landmark
Spikey headband - K2
bag - borrowed from my sister 

My makeup look :) shining shimmering <3 

That's all for today~ 
I'm so hungry!

Photo SPAM!!!!!! :P


  1. you look fab!


  2. "Justine Chantelle said...
    you look fab!


    Thank you! :) I followed ur blog :)

  3. i love ur makeup and headband on the last pic :D
    oh one of the models is mimi :">
    i wish i could do makeup well but im not a makeup artist nor fashion student T^T just a normal gurl teehee :P

  4. @amz thank you ^_^ of course you can! actually, I haven't tried any makeup workshops. It's about experimenting and practice! ^_^


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