Zebra Print Makeup

Zebra inspired make up 
This makeup look is not so easy :) I find it hard to draw the lines, because I wanted the lines to be neat as possible. Well if you noticed, zebra prints are made up of unstable lines. Curves, thick&thin lines. I make sure to have a zebra pattern reference with me while I was doin this look.  The lines tends to smudge. So I had to redraw it all over again. -.-

Do you see the big mole on the lower right pic? I must have been accidentally hit the brush tool while editing this picture. So please just ignore. I'm so lazy to re-edit :)

I'm using one of my favorite contact lens! It's geo sakura pink :3

Advanced Happy Halloween guys~ Hahaha! 

This is me with the zebra makeup look. I paired it with neon pink lipstick. :) 
But hey seriously, this look is a lil bit creepy. So I guess this make-up look would be good for Halloween parties? LOL
 I'm wearing my favourite commissioned Gothic laced choker  by Gargantilla

*I just repost this one from my tumblr. I made this makeup look a few months ago. 

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