Late post: Cosplay Mania 2015 me as Officer Caitlyn ♪(┌・。・)┌

Sorry for the late post! Still better late than never? lol haha got so many stuff on my mind so I forgot  thatI haven't posted my recent cosplay here on my blog. 

My Cosplay Mania experience was quite okay? probably better than my past cosplay experience at Rampage. My boyfriend and I attended the day 2 of Cosmania held at SMX last October 4, Sunday. There were a lot of attendees! It was too crowded, considering the guards on the main entrance of SMX doesn't allow you to enter without a ticket. I didn't expect it to be that big. Good thing we bought our ticket before the event at sm tickets.

I cosplayed Officer Caitlyn of League of Legends this time. She's one of my favorite AD carry champion in league alongside with Jinx. 
Cosplaying Officer Caitlyn was a lot easier than my first cosplay, Popstar Ahri. No more heavy shits to carry around. Hahaha my rifle gun was very lightweight. I didn't had a hard time carrying it. Also, my shoes were platforms not stilettos! I was really comfortable with my costume. I can move around freely. And of course, I made them! Everything on my costume was made by yours truly :)
I started doing my costume just a week before the event. Caitlyn's costume wasn't that hard to construct so I managed to finish it just on time. My rifle was made by Dianne Gonzales and her boyfriend of Red Factor.

Honestly, at first I was kinda skeptic at cosplaying Officer Caitlyn because I find it too sexy and revealing for me. It's very different to what I always do which is the cute concept. But I'v always been curious on how I'd look like if I changed for a while. So I decided to give it a go and try the sexy badass character, Officer Caitlyn. Haha! I hope I did well ♪(┌・。・)┌

 Trisha Denise Perez as Officer Caitlyn 
Awesome LED lights with laser   Thank you Red Factor for my awesome rifle!
Also, thank you Biin Sanchez of Jelly Biin Fotos for this awesome shot~

Photo by: Wilfred Fernandez

♥ Officer Caitlyn and Officer Vi 
Me as Caitlyn and my boyfriend, Kiel Montero as genderbend Officer Vi. 
(c) Biin Sanchez
PP by me 

Hehe we look so cute together! oh I mean cool~ Haha I love my boyfriend. He's always my partner in crime. He always supports me on everything that I love to do. Actually, he didn't want to cosplay anymore after our Rampage cosplay experience. Because a lot of stressful shits happened to us. But then he changed his mind because I don't have anybody else to cosplay with me. へ(>_<へ) 
I don't even have a close friend on the cosplay community. Oh wait there is~ maybe 1 or 2?  Well, so he decided to just cosplay with me again. Thank you boyfie :* 

The only thing that I hate about our Cosmania experience is that we don't have a friend with us who can accompany us with our stuff. There was no baggage counter on the event because our ticket was only bronze. Yea so sad..... Also, we don't have someone who can take a picture of us together in our full body costume. All we can do is a selfie. Hahaha. Or we take turns when we wanted to take a pic with other cosplayers. 

Here's some of our pics with other awesome League of Legends cosplayers on Cosmania :D 

Classic Vi and Officer Vi 

Lucian, Jayce, Classic Vi, Officer Vi and Officer Cait.

Hello! Hahaha 

With Arcade Miss Fortune

Awesome Dragonslayer Vayne! too bad I didn't know her name (✖╭╮✖)

Big hug with the 2 Vi's

Fist bump! 

2 Officer Cait's 

With Officer Jinx

Officer team haha 

And some selfies~ 

Love you boyfie :*

gif of us trolling hahaha

And ofcourse! I cannot end this post without any selfie of myself alone wahahah

Featuring my boyfie's selfie!! wooooo such a cutieeeeee dogeeeee~

And just some of my whole body pics taken by my boyfie using my phone

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