Selfie, anyone? (๑‵●‿●‵๑)

Uhh just a little catch up about what I've been up to recently. I didn't blog that much last April :/ and as a result, I've accumulated lots of selfie! lol and I feel like I gotta show it. I had to upload it! Hahaha. Yup, I am vain.

So here's some random shits I've taken with my phone's camera and now (Oh wait, hey! Before scrolling down. If you're not fond of the cutesy patootsie selfie shots, you might find this very annoying, so just better leave) brace yourself!!

Selfie break on my past makeup gig

Makeup selfie(?)

My close up selfie

hashtag FOTD


lol that background. My twin? Haha!

My curls reminds me of goldilocks :)) lol

Selfie with the two best bitches in town

Selfie with the bitch number 1

Selfie with the bitch number 2

Selfie with a bunch of bitches

Taken last Ozine Fest. It was really a bitchy day haha it was so freaking hot at the event. @_@ 

Nice photobomb Meg! 

Forced smile dilemma 

hashtag OOTD

Non selfie shot my mom took it for me, but meow. I just love my kitty bag :3 #ootd

Hi! Congratulations if you managed to bear with me until the very last picture. Hahaha! Well I just love to take selfies when I'm feeling pretty, and bored. :0 I must not be the only one who's guilty about this. Taking selfies is kinda a trend happening now globally. It's just so crazzzzyyyyyyy sometimes It would took me a hundred selfie shot. Yea, I'm always having trouble on the memory space of my device! Hmm okay so that's it. Just wanted to show my recent selfies. Hahaha 

Happy Selfie-ing lovelies! 

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