Random summer happenings ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

I'm bored so I thought of my blog and decided to post some update about what I've been up to recently.

It's summer time here in Philippines. As usual, it's extremely hot. I can't stand the heat. That's why I prefer to stay inside my room everyday the whole day wooooooo well I think, weather is not an excuse for me being in my room all the time because I've been like this since forever lol :)) Just me being introvert. Haha!

My family and I went vacation right after my graduation at my father's hometown, Isla Verda, Batangas. 

Beautiful beach isn't it? My favorite is the coral reefs on this island. We went snorkling also! It was fun especially my boyfriend is with me we were together enjoying the corals even he doesn't know how to swim. I tried to teach him but I don't know he just can't TnT poor thing (⌣́_⌣̀)

My boyfriend always puts his finger on my armpit. According to him, it's his charging station. It's where he gather his energy. Yea very annoying. ఠ_ఠ 

With my beautiful cousins and sisters. Please excuse my bare face I know I'm ugly hahaha

We also hiked up for hours. I was surprised I didn't get too tired compared on the past. It must be because I'm thinner now. I'm not heavy anymore so it's a lot easier climbing up! Hahaha.

We went where the "Pakaskas" is made, a native product of Isla Verde. It's like a candy made up of buli/buri tree. Buli is also used to make "Tuba", it's a local alcohol.

Cute kid!!!!!! I want one as a pet huhuhu

Cutie!!!! I really wanna bring them home huhu.

Our swimming outfit! Hahaha! 

Honestly, I don't like wearing swimsuit anymore. I don't want my skin to get any darker. I can't waste all my effort achieving a quite lighter skin for a swimming trip. So I skip the sexy swimsuits and opted to wear a diving suit inspired outfit instead. I wore long sleeves and leggings. Lol. If only I could wear a mask while a swim then I definitely would! Hahaha call me maarte or KJ but that's just how I am :)

Our vacation in Isla was really fun. The only issue is there's no electricity on the Island. Phone signal is okay but how could you use your phone if it's low battery. Good thing there's generator. But the operation time of the generator is limited. It only lasts for 4 hours. So yea, as much as I love Isla Verde, I just really can't stay for too long there. Hahaha I can't live without electricity! *arte much

Then we get back to Manila. I rest for a couple of days. Went to Divisoria for fabric sourcing and some brainstorming about the project that I'll be doing. Then we had a family dinner at Vikings before my relatives went back to Germany.

With the beautiful ladies

With my lovely Mama 

With my crazy siblings

With ate Vanessa

With Tita Star

Aye aye captain!

With Tita Ellen

With le boyfie. My legs wooo too skinny 

With the cutie raikko bby :*

Wahahaahaha ヽ(^Д^)ノ

Then right after my relatives from Germany left. I became busy with the project that I'm working on. 

Here are some snapshot of works in progress:

Will update soon about these dresses :) 

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