Duchesse de Fleurs

I just graduated last Thursday wooo finally! After so many years hahaha I'm so proud of myself I finally made it~ I was supposed to graduate 2 years ago. But I was too lazy as fck. I don't take schooling seriously. I was about to give up school because I knew it wasn't for me. All the assignments, projects, attendance, deadlines, etc. I hate it. I really do. There are so many reasons why I don't come to school. I'd rather play my favorite online game, lay in my bed and sleep. But then as time goes by maturity is slowly getting in my nerves. I started thinking how my life would be if I continue being such a pain in the ass to my family. So I started learning how to value money, and time. I realized maybe now is the time for me to grow up and be responsible enough. After all, I'm already 20. I'm not a teen anymore. It was hard for me at first... Well I'm still having a hard time up until now. I know I'm not yet fully ready to face the real taste of life. But atleast I'm trying and I'm willing now. Hahaha! Oh wait.. Enough with the drama. I want to celebrate because I finally made it! Hoooooraaaaaaaay~

So without further ado, I now present you my collection, Duchesse de Fleurs.

I'm glad with the outcome of my collection. But I could have done better if only I had enough time. Not all the garments are finished, but I do hope it's not that obvious in the runway huhuhhu  
I made my finale piece the blue gown just the night before the show. Hahaha! Fck procrastinating. Anyway, I'll make it up on the photoshoot! But I have to finish everything first. Haahaha

I also would like to thank my Mother, Tita Lou, My boyfriend, Franzel and Meg for helping me with my collection. And oh my muses! Thank you lovelies <3 

Okay now, let me tell you about my collection. My inspiration behind the garments I made. Hehehe

Duchesse de Fleurs is a collection that employs Lolita's whimsical and almost childlike motif, and incorporates it with Rococo's florid and elegant design. The result is nothing short of a delightful assemblage of quilts and corsets, of frills and flowers; not to mention the Rococo-inspired portraits handdrawn by its very own designer, Trisha Perez. Each piece is the perfect marriage between France and Japan's quintessential artistic movements.

boom I don't know what to say. I'm so ugly? Hahaha

Here are the collections of the sofa graduate's 2015 :D
Congrats everyone!!

And some snapshots from the event :D

and random selfies!!!

And that's it! I hope you guys like it~ Hehehe

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  1. Your collection is the best from all the fashion show! I'm in love with that colors!



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