Tokidoki laptop skin and random stuff

I am so loving my Tokidoki laptop skin! \(^o^)/ 
love love love the leather like texture!

Dat rainbow touch pad :0 and yes, I am playing League of Legends haha

Ahhhhhhh so cuteeeee!! Kawaii overload! I am such a fan of tokidoki doodle art~ 

It was even used as a props for our shoot  last time lol 

I had the skin custom made at Laptop Skin Manila. They offer skins for laptops, mobile phones, playstation, etc.
Mini review:
Good job on the quality print of the skin, it's vivid and clear. Also love the leather like texture. Decent customer service. The only downside is, the sticker on the touch pad part is already quite detached. I just had this skin like 2 weeks ago. @_@ Anyway, their service includes warranty, perhaps I could come back anytime to have them fix that little problem. 

Here's how my laptop looks like before 

I just can't bear to own and use a laptop looking so plain and boring :v I had to do something to make it appealing to my eyes. Good thing skins existed!! My initial plan for my laptop was decoden~ Something like these:

But I had no idea where to get the materials T_T can't seem to find online, too lazy to hunt for those stuff at the malls. And I need skills for molding polymer clay to achieve exactly what I want. :v huhu I want to learn how! 

And an innocent kitty doll suddenly appear.........
I've been a lot more hardworking(?) recently on practicing my rendering skills~ 
I should get myself a drawing tablet soon. @_@ wanna practice more on digital painting. 

And last but not the least, selfiesssssss hahaha

Orange lippies ♥ perfect for spring/summer makeup look. Wohooo it's already summer here in Philippines. I can totally feel the heat especially outdoors. It's soooo painful when the sun hits the skin directly. I'm meltinggg ఠ_ఠ
 I wanna hit the beach but I don't want to get myself tanned. Hmmm I am so confused and torn about my plan for this summer :< anyway, let's go back on my selfies lol

and that's it! Have a nice day everyone~

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