SoFa Graduation Show 2014

Attended again another School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA) Graduation show last March 19, 2014 held at Rockwell Tent. Everything was awesome and inspiring. But unfortunately, I was a bit late didn't had the chance to take a photo of the collections, my spot was a bad view from taking pictures so yea :<
 Well, congratulations to them! :) Some of them were my friends and I am very proud and happy for them. :D

All I have is my outfit photo and selfies hahaha. So here's what I wore on the event

Congratulations to my closest friend at SoFA, Nicky Ku! Hahaha I am so proud of you baby girl :* You finally made it. I know all the efforts you've been through on making your collection. And it was all worth it! Good job on your collection :D I love it  ♥ 
Know that you graduated, I will miss your presence at SoFA :< *cries 

Since I don't have pictures of the show. I'll just be linking the site where you can browse through the entire show.
Preview of the finale pieces of the designer's. Photo grabbed from style bible.
View the entire show here, SoFA Gradshow part 1
                                         SoFA Gradshow part 2

And oh! I bumped into my batch mates on the event. So glad to see them again! It was such a long time.

Photos grabbed from my friends lol 

And..... Selfie time! Hahaha

I could have been included on the graduates. Well I should've graduated last year. If only I was a good student. Hahaha but my life was fucked because of my personal issues. My studies were also affected. But hey I am changing now. I'm trying my best hahaha I had too! I'm turning 20 this year, I am growing old I need to stop playing around and be more serious. :) 
And that's it. I don't want to talk more about my dramas haha.
Have a great day!

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