1960's Mod Fashion, Twiggy look makeup tips

Hello everyone! 
I was quite busy recently doing uhhh... Nothing at all? Then suddenly I woke up realizing that it was our midterm week. Shiiit! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ So yup, I crammed, as always. Hahaha when will I ever change?!?! Procrastinator since 1994. (⌣̩̩́_⌣̩̩̀)

I'm going to share about what I've been up to, my midterm project for fashion trends. You guys might find this helpful, especially for those who are hooked with the 60's Mod fashion, and Twiggy's makeup. So yeah, each of the student in our class were assigned to do an article about the certain decade that we picked. Mine was the 60's. Then, our class had a field trip at an ukay-ukay (thrift shop) in Makati Cinema Square. How cool is that? Field trip at ukay. Hahaha so odd but cool! We were asked to find vintage clothes inspired by the style of our assigned decade, and do a photo shoot, having ourselves as the model. It was fun doing the project indeed. Well enough of the story telling. Let's now go to the main topic; the core of my project.

Mod, which came from the word Modernist, became a trend popular among teenagers around the middle of the decade. Mod was generally characterized by the use of simple lines, geometric and futuristic shapes, bold and bright colors, psychedelic and color block prints, along with short hemilines seen in miniskirts or shift dresses.

British fashion designer and icon, Mary Quant, was instrumental in the making of the movement. One of the most popular and recognizable garments worn was the miniskirt. Until this time, the majority of skirts ended at the knee line. but with the introduction of the mini, hemlines began to rise, exposing inches of thigh that had never been shown before.

In some way or another, 60s fashion is incorporated into new collections from brands such as Prada, Celine and Yves Saint Laurent, featuring many pieces inspired by Mod. Celebrities have also been seen sporting the look, including Victoria Beckham, who has developed a signature style with a consistent thread of 60s charm. In the end, it is clear that Mod is here to stay and will continue to grace us with its presence in the fashion world for years to come.

PS. Just zoom in the article if you want more information about the Mod style. *Fast forwards to my favorite part
And now my favorite, Twiggy's dolly makeup style.

Twiggy's iconic MOD makeup look has always been so fascinating. The eyes are the highlights of this look, with the two key elements being the dramatic crease and the drawn-on lower lashes. Very doll-like! Sooo my style!!! I love it! Honestly, her makeup look has always been one of my makeup inspirations. So yea, I really had fun recreating her look. Here's my version: 

Pardon the chubby face and my annoying roots. 

Here's some tips on achieving Twiggy's makeup look:

1. Remember, the eyes are the main attraction about this look. Prime your lids first, then load up your eyeshadow brush with a neutral skin coloured eyeshadow. Apply it on the your lids.
2. Draw a line on the crease using gel eyeliner or an eyeliner with a creamy consistency. This technique is called, cut crease. The line is meant to be sharp so don't worry much about the harsh lines. But personally, I prefer blending the top part of the line towards the brows. It looks better that way. 
3. Apply white eyeliner on the waterline, this trick will make your eyes look a lot bigger than usual.
4. The most fun part about this look, drawing on the lower eyelashes. Use a very fine liquid liner but you can also use gel liner with a very thin brush if you prefer. 
4. Falsies is a must on creating this look. It will help your eyes to appear more bigger like Twiggy’s.
5. Apply a coral shade blush and lipstick and you're done! 

And for the hair? Definitely I am not gonna sport twiggy's signature sleek boyish haircut hahaha! I'd go for the 1960's beehive hairstyle. Ohh this reminds me of my gyaru days! I was so into hime gyaru hairstyles. The poofy hair like Snooki's. lol 

And just some of the photos from the shoot:

Me wearing a thrifted scalloped shift dress. 

YSL Mondrian inspired colour blocking dress. 

That's all for today! I hope you guys enjoy! ヾ(・ω・*)ノ
I'll be posting more about makeup stuff soon~ 


  1. What lenses are you using here? and where to get it? ur so gorgeous!

  2. love the dramatic crease line!! looks great on you. haha i'll have to give that a try, but i have a feeling it wont look very good on me x)

    xoxo Sarah

  3. I like it.



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