Late post: BTS photoshoot for Remy Martin

I was invited to be the hair and make-up artist for Remy Martin photo shoot. All thanks to Nicky! She recommended me for this shoot. Cheers for that! I'm thankful and honoured at the same time. I totally forgot when was this. But I'm pretty sure it's somewhere mid August? Oh well, it doesn't matter lol.
Anyway, I had so much fun working with the rest of the crew. Especially with my friend Nicky and models. Oh! btw, she did the styling. Good job Nicky! anyway, let's move on to that. So the concept for the shoot is "goddess-like" more on gold and bronze colors, strong eyebrows, sexy voluminous curls for the hair. Actually, the overall look is somewhat natural. Lemme share you guys some BTS pictures! :)
 I'm so loving her eyes especially the eye shape. Those eyes is the ideal eye shape of every makeup artist out there! It's called deep set eyes. The crease and the lids are big, plus she has extremely natural long lashes. I had so much fun applying eyeshadow on her eyes. Haha! You can clearly see the eyeshadow popping out! omg it's just gorgeous. How I wish my eye shape was like her's.
 Getting her hair done! Voluminous curls is glamorous and sexy. I was curling her hair in this picture. Btw, I  just used a flat iron for the curls..
 Holy crap!! You can see the big difference between our height. I'm not lucky enough because I lack height :/ but don't get me wrong, I'm contented and happy with everything that God has given me. :))

I was doin the 2nd model make up look. I don't have much picture with her because she arrived late.

The model with the stylist, Nicky Ku. 

Here's 1 take of the initial output of the shoot. Hope ya'll like it!
Gorgeous girl <3 her name is unique. Yes, her name is really "unique" such a cool name. 
Anyhow, the output was close enough to the peg.  It was such a successful photo shoot indeed.

uhmm I'll be changing the topic... 
Just so you know guys, I'm just an occasional makeup artist. I really wanna be a professional makeup artist. I'm now working with my portfolio so it would be easy for me to get hired. hella excited for it! FYI, I haven't tried/enrolled to any make-up workshops ever since. I just learned by myself, self taught and with a little help from youtube makeup guru's. It's all about experimenting and practice! I should enroll to a school that offers makeup/cosmetic realated courses soon after I graduated from School of Fashion and the Arts. :) 

That's all for today! I'm so stressed out lately. Been doing lots of school stuffs for finals. Haven't get any decent sleep. And I'm a bit sleepy now. Oh! I almost forgot. I should thank nicky again for the pictures! credits goes to her! :) Okay, that's all for now.



  1. You did amazing job Trisha :)
    I love curly hair,they look so sexy..!!!

  2. thank you ^_^ yes that's exactly how I wanted it to look like. to look voluminously sexy :)


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