Gold and Black Smokey Make-up Look tutorial

Hi Everyone~ Yey my 2nd ever makeup tutorial! gold and black smokey eyes :3
Gold is personally one of my favorite color. It's very elegant and sophisticated.. oh well my opinion. haha! 

So, here's the look that I'll be doing:

This look is inspired by Taylor Momsen smokey eyes.

Okay then, let's get started! ^_^

Moisturize + prime your face. I'm using Mary Kaye moisturizer and L'oreal Base Magique primer

Conceal all your blemishes, dark spots, redness on your face. Use dark concealer for blemishes, and light  shade for concealing the dark spots under your eyes. 

Apply foundation with stippling brush. I'm using Revlon Photoready liquid foundation. Stippling brush is my favorite for applying foundation because it gives you an airbrushed finish. But you can use foundation brush, sponge, or your fingers for applying your foundation. Don't forget to blend it well. 

Set your foundation with loose powder. This will mattifies your face and help your foundation to last longer. I'm using Candy Doll loose powder apply with big powder brush.

Hahaha K don't mind this picture! me after doing all those steps. 

Prime your lids. I'm using Smashbox Photo finish lid primer.

Blend the primer with your finger. 

NYX  Jumbo eye pencil in milk

Using a white base eyeshadow, prep your eyes. This will serve as the base color of the eye makeup that we'll be creating. It will help the eyeshadow to pop more brighter.

Giorgio Armani eyeshadow palette

Apply brownish gold shade eye shadow. 

4U2 Pro eye palette 

Apply gold eyeshadow on top of the brownish gold eyeshadow. I mix them together to achieve the color that I wanted.

Dior Quad makeup palette

Apply black matte eyeshadow on crease and outer V of your eyes. If you're finding it hard to locate where your crease is.. Here's a tip: look straight and press your lids with your brush gently, as shown in the picture.

Apply the same black matte eyeshadow on your lower lids. Create a smokey effect by smudging and blending the eyeshadow using eyeliner brush and bullet crease brush.

Dior eyeshadow palette with lipgloss

Highlight your browbone using a light shade of eyeshadow. 

Blend the eyeshdow using a fluffy blending brush.

Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in zero

Tightline your eyes. 

Apply eyeliner on your waterline.

Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner black

Draw a very thin line on your lids.

Majolica Majorca Lash expander

Apply Mascara on your upper lash and bottom lashes.

Bibo Eyeful Eyebrow

Define your brows. Make sure to use a shade that matches your hair color. I'm using a blonde shade because my hair is light.

Brush your eyebrow to blend and prevent harsh line on your eyebrows. 

Too Faced Bronzer 

Contour your cheeks. This will add dimension on your face.

Majolica Majorca Purple Highlighter

Smile real big and apply blush on the apple of your cheeks. 

YSL Volupte lipbalm

Apply lipbalm.

Line your lips using lip liner. I'm using Etude house lipliner.

Rimmel red lipstick, L'oreal Color riche

Apply red lipstick and lip gloss. 

And you're now finished! 
This makeup look is good for night parties or any special occasion that you'll be attending! :)


My outfit:
Please don't mind my weird messy hair! LOL I'm trying to tease my hair but it ended up like that. FAIL lol

I love my shoes!

And that's all for today. I hope you enjoy my tutorial. If you have any request just comment below/ twit me or just message on my facebook account. 



  1. nice makeup tutorial :) love ur pics <3 gorgeous

  2. *o* So pretty~ XD and I love the shoes!~ :D ♥

  3. thank you for the tutorial!!!! enjoyed reading your post~ your lenses look soooo good with the makeup * . * ~!!!

    ♡ Pei Ting

  4. Trisha!!! I love that thing you're using on yer eye brows. What is it? I think I that one so I won't be needing to bleach my eye brows more often! LOL

  5. @whimsicality
    thank you! ^_^ hehe yes that lens is one of my personal favorite :)
    It's bibo eyeful brow :) from japan ^_^

  6. Whew youre verry pretty. Veryy doll-like. Thanks for the smokey eyes tutorial. Its more catchy than those ones i viewed.


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